April 2011 archive

Denim Vest & Maxi Dress

  • Maxi dress from Four-Nine Thrift Store $4 *Pop of value!
  • Denim vest from Four-Nine Thrift Store $3
  • Belt from American Eagle $20
  • T-strap sandals from Target $12
  • Earrings from Icing $2

As you can see, I went a little crazy at the local thrift store today! (haha) Like I’ve said before-thrift stores can be a great source of trendy separates and basic pieces you’ll wear forever. You just have to dig! This denim vest-maxi dress combo was seen at LA’s fashion week just this past fall, featuring earthy tones and pops of colored jewelry. Celebs like Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen have also been spotted in similar outfits. Often times this combination can appear boxy, but again, a waist belt helps to show off your shape and complement the earthy tones in your skirt. Adding global print jewelry and brights such as turquoise helps to make this look chic and modern.

Pop of health/fitness: Choose whole wheat/grain bread over white bread. The health benefits far outweighs the competition. Packed with fiber and nutrients this unrefined carb helps you stay fuller longer.

Royal Wedding

  • Black dress from Macy’s $45
  • Tights from CVS $6
  • Peep toe ankle boots from Charlotte Russe $25
  • Pearl earrings from Icing $6
  • Waist belt from H&M $12
  • Feather headband from Icing $2 *Pop of value!
In honor of the Royal Wedding today, I wanted to feature an outfit inspired by none other than the gorgeous Kate Middleton! I love how she mixes modern with classic elegance, and her style always looks chic and put together. She makes class timeless style truly look effortless. One of Kate’s signature style staples is the feather hat or headband. If this isn’t your thing or you’re a bit reluctant to try it, don’t worry- so was I. As I was perusing stores today, I saw all kinds of hats and headbands that reminded me of the soon to be Queen-in-waiting. Some of the larger pieces are hard to pull off, and I opted to go with a smaller feather headband when creating my Kate-inspired look. Surprisingly, this look is wearable and when worn as part of a solid color ensemble, can complement the overall appearance quite well, while adding a dose of English style. Another favorite of Miss Middleton would be the sheath dress. Classes dresses in solid colors are often seen on Kate, and she wears them well with simplistic and minimal amounts of jewelry. In order to streamline this look (and thin out your appearance) matching your tights to your dark dress is a must. Waist belts show off your waistline while pulling your look together. Kate’s classic and timeless style really is an inspiration. Happy Royal Wedding Day!
Pop of health/fitness: Mixing up your workout routine is an absolute must. Your body is, by nature, very adaptable. If you are at a weight loss plateau, switch it up! If you are a slave to the treadmill or elliptical- get outside and go biking, walk uphill, or take the dog for a run! Switching it up tricks your body, and helps you break through that weight loss standstill, giving you results quicker.

Spring Pastels

  • V-neck sweater from Plato’s Closet $12 (Lacoste) *Pop of value!
  • Shorts from Plato’s Closet $10 (American Eagle)
  • Wedge sandals from Macy’s $45 (Steve Madden)
  • Watch from Charming Charlie $20
  • Bracelet from Aeropostale $1
  • Necklace from American Eagle $15
Pastels are back in full force for spring and everyone from Mila Kunis to Taylor Swift has been spotted sporting the trend lately. These pretty light colors can be tricky to pull off, but the trick is to wear them sparingly (not too many pastels at one time) and with neutrals to tone them down. White, khaki, brown, and black bode well with pastels, making them gorgeous not Gatsby. Fashion mags like Elle and Vogue suggest donning these shades with edgy extras like embellished black heels or a leather jacket to keep the look fresh and fun. Another way to experiment with pastels is to incorporate them into your make up routine. Eyeliner pencils and eye shadows are an inexpensive way to see if the pastel trend is something you’d like to try.
Pop of health/fitness: Ditch the diet pop [soda]. Normal weight people who drank 3 servings or more of diet soda a day — at least 21 weekly servings — were at almost double the risk for becoming overweight or obese after seven to eight years compared to people who skipped diet drinks, according to researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. And people who consumed at least one daily serving of diet soda (versus none) were more likely to develop a high waist circumference, a condition linked with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, according to a recent study.
Information from msnbc.com