May 2011 archive

Fierce Business Chic

  • Leather skirt from Marshalls $20
  • Peep toe ankle boots from Charlotte Russe $25
  • Leopard print blouse from Marshalls $10
  • Necklace from Gabriel Brothers $7 (FCUK-French Connection)
  • Cardigan was thrifted for $2 (NY&Co)*Pop of value!
Who knew business chic could include fierce animal prints and a leather skirt? The key here is putting the outfit together modestly and making sure the length of the skirt is business-appropriate. Leather skirts really are a versatile piece, and a worthwhile investment for your closet that will take you through every season of the year in style. The length that is the most versatile, however, would be a skirt that hits just above the knee, is fitted but not too tight, and sits slightly above the hipbone. The reason for this being that slightly higher waistlines on a leather skirt make tucking in blouses accentuate the waist more prominently, while giving the overall look a more modest and sophisticated appearance. The color of the cardigan is fresh and original, pulling out the unexpected colors in most animal print patterns, while maintaining the ever-important pop of color that makes an outfit eye-catching. The mustard hue is more appropriate for the office, as it is a toned down version of this season’s popular brights. Ankle boots take this look from business chic to after-work drink in no time at all. This look is surprisingly cool for the warmer months without the cardigan, while the option of the cardigan allows you to keep cozy at the office when the air conditioner starts kicking in! Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
Photos by R Frank Photography

Pop of health/fitness: Chew away tension. Relax your facial muscles, and satisfy your chewing urges by chewing slowly. It takes fifteen minutes for your brain to communicate to your stomach that it’s full.

Neon Lights

  • Wedge sandals from DSW $45
  • Shorts from Plato’s Closet $10 (American Eagle)
  • Belt from American Eagle $20
  • Cobalt blue vest was thrifted for $1.50
  • Neon green tank was thrifted for $1*Pop of value!
  • Earrings from Gabriel Brothers $4
Sporting colors in the same family is a modern way to wear brights this season. This is an easy way to put together a stylish outfit in the summertime. Lighter fabrics such as silk work great for tops in warmer temperatures, while slighter heavier fabrics on the bottom balance out the outfit. Lighter, more brilliant colors work best at the core of your ensemble (earrings, necklace, top) because this is more pleasing to the eye. Darker colors work as you move away from the core of your outfit, as they provide a nice contrast to your skin tone. Whether wearing a cool or warmer color palette, neutral sandals work to elongate your leg and match any color scheme.
Photos by R Frank Photography

Pop of health/fitness: Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice. Juice is often sweetened but fresh fruits have natural sugars. When you eat fruit, you are taking in a lot of fiber, which is needed by the body, and fruits of course are an excellent source of vitamins.

Sunset Colors and White

  • Wrap top was thrifted for $1.50 (Express)*Pop of value!
  • White shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch $30
  • Wedge sandals from DSW $45
  • Cami from Buckle $12
  • Earrings from Charlotte Russe $2
Bright colors are the trend this summer, and pulling off these eye-popping shades are easier to do than you think! By pairing bolder shades with neutrals, you are creating a framework for the eye that makes these shades more modern and chic rather than 80s. Elongate your legs by donning some nude sandals with height, and cinch your waist with a waist belt or a simple wrap top. Turquoise continues to be the must-have accessory color this season, making every color from red to black really pop in your outfit. Bell sleeves minimize the appearance of larger arms, while still keeping you looking cool and sophisticated. White shorts are a must-have this season, and are as versatile as khaki or black. They really do the trick to formalize an outfit, while showcasing summer’s bright colors.
Photos by R. Frank Photography
Pop of health/fitness: Journal your way to fitness!

It has been proven time and again that people who keep a fitness journal have a far better chance of success than those who do not. It doesn’t matter what level of fitness a person has achieved and it doesn’t matter what kind of workout routine a person is using, everyone can benefit from keeping a fitness journal to log their diet and daily exercise. I personally have been keeping a fitness journal for about four months now and have already lost over 6 pounds because I am more conscious of what I’m eating every day.