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Golden Fall

gold jeans





Fall is finally here and I’m missing the colorful trees that I used to see when I took this pic from home. I found this one in the archives from a couple months ago and I must have totally forgot to share it!

Gold/metallic is a favorite of mine–I feel like the metal-esque hues work so well to glam up any outfit. For this one, I went with neutrals to let the metallic hue shine through and stand on its own. Gold jeans were huge last holiday season and I’m seeing them stay strong this season as well. They’re much more simple to wear than you’d think, too.

I sport mine with a graphic tee, printed sweaters, or casual/neutral navy blazers to blend the glamorous and professional vibes together, creating the perfect laid back, yet office-appropriate outfit.


Outfit: Similar scarf| Similar top| Jeans via Kohls Similar here| Boots via DSW

And don’t forget…

jazzy little pumpkin. gotta try this!


It is Friday after all!

Brown Leather Skirt & Graphic Tee

brown leather skirt outfit

brown leather skirt outfit



brown leather skirt outfit

brown leather skirt outfit

Fell in love with this new high-waisted brown leather pencil skirt on Poshmark last week and knew I just had to have it! Deals like these ($200 skirt for $60) only come around once in a blue moon; I knew I had to scoop it!

In order to play down the formality of the skirt, I wanted to go with something that would downplay it but still put off a fun and laid back vibe. Enter this perfect W Concept graphic tee. This is my second styling series featuring Paul Richard’s collaboration with the tee company. His artful talent blends perfectly with the company’s trendsetting and smart style. This fox tee seemed perfect for pairing with blazers, pencil skirts, and other dressy pieces to create a nice contrast between the graphic tee and professional nature of the menswear pieces. {see how I styled the other tee here}

I’m loving this new sky blue bib statement necklace from Daisy Gem, too. This is one of those hues that you never see sold in stores. And since I’m an avid collector of the statement necklace, I had to have this shade, it’s just one of those things! I’m obsessed, it’s so beautiful 🙂 Daisy Gem is offering $10 off this particular necklace using code MISSY10 at checkout 🙂 Check their store out here! You can also receive 15% off your entire order with the code POPST15

It’s HUMP DAY! I have a super exciting giveaway coming your way tomorrow that I can’t wait to announce! It’s been awhile, you guys deserve it you’re awesome 🙂 Thanks for following your comments make my day!

Outfit: Tommy Hilfiger brown leather pencil skirt Similar {and more affordable!}| Similar leopard heels| Paul Richard x W Concept Tee c/o| Crystal Bloom Necklace c/o Daisy Gem| Sunnies c/o Guess


And remember to stop and smell the roses because taking some time out for yourself keeps you sane, creative, and appreciating life 🙂



Gingham Shirts for Men

gingham shirts for men





Awww, look at the boyfriend. Ain’t he cute? Okay, so I just cringed a little at my usage of the word “ain’t”. Oh, the life of an English teacher. What can  I say? I can barely keep my eyes open right now and I’d be happy to get to bed before nine. Isn’t it ironic that we spend our entire childhoods wishing we could stay up all night and eat ice cream and now that we’re grown, some of us (ah-hem) are lactose intolerant and are scraping the bottom for one more hour of sleep? But I digress…

Lately, I’ve found it interesting and very fun to shoot pics of the boys around the house. With their expensive and well-ironed “big boy pants” on for their new jobs I have to say I’m quite impressed at their ability to find new ways each day to show their dapper class of style. Nate, my boyfriend, works as a chemist and absolutely loves it. Although he can’t wear regular ties, (they get in the way when he’s doing his lab testing) he improvises by sporting new and classy bow ties, which my brother has taught him to tie.

Last weekend, we (us girls) sat in utter awe while the two boys worked tirelessly to master the art of tying a bow tie to perfection. I have to say I was rather intrigued and found myself grabbing a tie or two to try my hand at the skill as well. Well as luck would have it, I failed and I’m not surprised—tying a bow tie is tough business! But I am proud of my brother and boyfriend for getting the hang of it and am counting down the days until I wake up to one of them trying to tie one in their sleep. Yeah, they’re THAT good.

Outfit: Men’s gingham shirt| Silk bow tie via Nordstrom| Steve Madden oxfords


And I’ll leave you with a quote that my mom told me last year that changed my life. I hope you get something from it as well. 🙂

so true.