April 2017 archive

Girly Tomboy

Off the shoulder top & scalloped shorts | preppy summer outfit

At times, I feel that the phrase “girly tomboy” would sum me up in most cases. I tend to love baseball caps, shorts, and tops like button downs but always with some type of feminine element woven within. This off the shoulder top was such a feminine piece, that I felt comfortable pairing it with a baseball cap to keep a balance. (more…)

Ruffled Gingham

Ruffled gingham blouse | spring fashion

I have had a love affair with gingham for as long as I can remember. My family and I used to joke about the “factory of gingham” growing in my closet. I’m pretty sure I have a button down in every color.

But this spring, I was super excited to see that gingham has made yet another comeback; only this time, it seems to be getting quite a fancy and unique update. (more…)

Olay 28 Day Study & 5 Tips for Improving Your Skin Care Routine

Olay 28 Day Study & 5 tips for improving your skin care routine

At 31 years old, my skin care routine has never been more important to me. It’s the age old case of “not listening to advice until it happens to you” when it came to taking care of my skin. My mother always told me to moisturize in the morning and before I go to bed at night, so I always knew how important that was. Thankfully, nowadays there are far more options when it comes to skin care and I am happy to find that personalizing my skin care routine has made all the difference! (more…)