4 Simple Steps to Your Smoothest Legs Ever

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smoothest legs ever


It’s taken me a while to find products that will help to keep my legs and shave smooth. Funny thing is that while slaving over a cheap razor, I never thought to venture out into the world of alternative hair removal treatments.

Waxing my legs or using hair removal creams always scared me a little because I thought that they might irritate my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find that using hair removal cream was just as easy as shaving, although it took a little bit longer. The only real difference is having to leave the cream on for a bit so that it sets in prior to removing the hair with the spatula. The results really did surprise me; I got a much closer result with no stubble at all. Uh-mazing.

So to make results last longer and make my legs feel like “dolphins” as I often joke with Nate, I came up with a quick remedy. First, I apply a coffee ground & sugar scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells. When the skin is prepped for hair removal, I spray a thin layer of Veet spray-on cream and wait for about ten minutes to ensure that the product will sink in for maximum hair removal.

Then I use the spatula to remove the hair and finish by preventing irritation and redness with aloe vera after sun gel. Topping it all off with a generous amount of all-natural body lotion, the softness lasts me for about 5 days which is amazing for me.

What are your secrets for long-lasting smooth results? What are your favorite products? Lotions?

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