The #1 Trick to Hiding Roots


Make no mistake about it…finding the [cheap] trick (hey, isn’t that a band?) to instantly covering up dark roots definitely merits a glass of wine. What can I say? This is how I celebrate the small victories in life!

back 2 blonde

Living in Florida (1200 miles away from home) definitely has been awesome, but finding time/money/people to color my hair has not. I’m workin’ on getting back to the “ombre” thing, but until then, sometimes I cringe at the sight of my roots (especially from the back). It’s my own fault–I have the hardest time sticking with one color decision, so I’m constantly wrestling between extreme blonde and some variable of “brown”.


back 2 blonde

I’ve tried everything from curling to putting my hair up in the old bun, but sometimes a girl just needs to let her hair down if you know what I mean.

back 2 blond

My recipe dujour? This little yellow can of whoopass. I mean for hair. Yeah, that’s the ticket–a can that comes in 3 different shades of blonde that allows me to simply spray-and-go. It’s called Back 2 Blonde and it’s pretty amazing.

Let’s get real, I don’t have time (who does?) to spend more than a few minutes between colorings to cover up roots and every other option is ridic expensive.

At about $10 a bottle, this little baby works to cover roots with a quick once-over and no combing necessary. For my hair, I used a combination of light and medium blonde (I’m a few different shades) to achieve my level of desired “blondeness”. I was surprised how well it worked for being so affordable. Definitely going to keep this on deck, especially when I know I’m getting photos taken.

back 2 blond

Good news is (other than the fact that it’s uber affordable) that it’s temporary until you rinse it out in the shower and doesn’t get all over everything. I’m loving the shine and how natural I was able to make it look, even when I blended two different shades of product.

So if you’re in the market for a quick root fix (oh, and you’re a blondie like me 😉 go grab a bottle or two at Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. Could it be more convenient? I think not. I’ll tell ya, I’m not tryin’ to figure out a way to scheme my way into those super secret hairdresser places again to find high-priced hair stuff that doesn’t really work any better because lawd that was awkward last time!

Seriously, if you’re in doubt–try it. Here’s a coupon for $4 off, so you literally have no excuses. Convinced? Grood (great and good).

P.S. Before and after photos above have not been retouched, and I’m pretty stoked about the results.

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Oh, since it’s Friday Eve, here’s a cute picture of Henna from earlier this week. Because she’s adorable and incredibly photogenic. Love this little girl.

Enjoy your weekend!!


*Disclosure:I was provided compensation through Acorn Influence for the above post, however all opinions are 100% honest & my own.

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