How to Treat Problem Skin with ZAPZYT

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best acne treatment products

I have suffered with acne for as long as I can remember! In middle school, they first started to rear their ugly heads and the issue continued throughout high school when I unfortunately had to undergo Accutane treatment to keep it under control. Fast forward about seven years to when the acne began to come back and it’s no surprise to find out just how devastated I was. Hadn’t I done my time? Why was this still coming back in my mid 20s?

best acne treatment products

After much research and many trips to the dermatologist, I realized that adult acne actually is quite common and despite having already had it in my teens, it wasn’t unheard of for it to come back…and with a vengeance. Well, this time instead of popping up on my forehead like it had in high school, it was now making its way to my chin and on the sides of my nose. Ugh.

Thankfully, even though there was no promising it would disappear completely, I found a quick and effective solution for those annoying zits that pop up out of nowhere! For those of you who haven’t heard, Zapzyt¬†provides the perfect relief for treating problem pimples that pop up out of nowhere. Without changing your entire skin care routine, the line offers several products that you can integrate together or on their own (like their Acne Treatment Gel) to deal with “out of nowhere” blemishes that need some serious immediate attention.

best acne treatment products

Since a few popped up in the past week, I’ve done my best to integrate the Pore Clearing Scrub (for exfoliation) in the shower to rid my skin of pore-clogging dirt and oil and the Acne Cleansing Wash in the morning before work to make sure my skin is clean prior to my make up routine. At night, I like to use the Pore¬†Treatment Gel for my super sensitive skin (with calming botanicals) right after I clear my pore using the exfoliating scrub. In the morning when I have a breakout (which has been recently) I have been using the Spot Treatment Gel (my favorite product!) before I put on my foundation.

best acne treatment products

Honestly, in only a couple of hours, the swelling tends to go down and the redness dissipates. I like that it doesn’t “crust up” underneath make up and actually is even moisturizing (which is definitely groundbreaking in terms of acne treatment products). All in all, this is the acne treatment product that’s going to be sticking around in my skin care regimen! With its ability to work well with sensitive skin, not dry my skin out underneath make up, and reduce the swelling and redness of problem zits– this line’s definitely a keeper.

Have you ever tried these products? Which do you use?

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