My 5 Minute Routine for Clear Skin

my 5 minute routine for clear skin

 5 minute routine for clear skin

Since I was about 13 years old, I’ve struggled with cystic acne. It’s been an ongoing problem in my life, peaking around age 17 and taking a short couple year break after having been prescribed every topical ointment in the book as well as the dreaded Accutane. It seems that this type of acne (the kind that develops in the deepest levels of your skin to resemble cysts that often spread) sticks around well into adulthood. About 3 years ago, my acne reared its ugly head, despite reassurance from my dermatologist that the acne would stay away.

Throughout all the changes I made with face washes, topical creams/gels, and makeup I was finding that I needed something more. I figured I’d give Proactiv products a try and make a total commitment to clearing up my skin for good this time.

The photo above on the right is from November of last year. I tended to get terrible clusters of cystic acne on my chin, jawline, and on the sides on my nose. In addition to following my 5 minute skin care routine, I gave up soda or “pop” as we call it in the north, made the concentrated effort to slug down way more water each day, gave up processed food and did away with dairy altogether (I’m lactose-intolerant anyway, but was a glutton for punishment).

Each morning and evening, I would scrub my face with the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, spot treat problem areas with the Pore Targeting Treatment, and finished it all off with the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator (my favorite part). I loved the creamy formula and how soft and moisturized my skin still felt in the morning after sleeping with it on. Best part was–it didn’t break me out, despite how creamy it was. After finishing with the hydrator, I added my an AHA/BHA gel to minimize redness and scarring from previous breakouts.

I can honestly say that since I’ve made these changes in my skin care routine as well as my eating habits, my skin has really cleared up over the past three months. I’m really excited about the changes and haven’t had an acne cyst pop up since about 3 weeks in. Although I’m incredibly embarrassed to show you my “before” photo, I feel as if it’s necessary in order to show you my “after” results (without any makeup). Believe me, it would have taken A LOT to get me to take a photo with no makeup on, but now I feel more comfortable to bare it all. In fact, my skin can probably breathe a lot better now that I’m not loading on the foundation to cover ugly breakouts!

Have any of you tried this system? Thoughts?

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