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Yep. Doesn’t this look overwhelming? And I’m betting that the majority of men have absolutely NO IDEA what any of it is really used for or HOW these products are used.

Carefree and I have partnered up to give you a funny little insight into men’s viewpoints on beauty products and what they THINK women use these products for.

Carefree daily liners has launched a new video playfully asking men to identify the secret beauty weapons that us women use every day to look and feel fierce, from eyeliner to Carefree daily liners and their responses were HILARIOUS.I was DYING when I saw the one guy put eyeliner on his eyebrows and then go for his lips next.

The next guy had no idea what a pantyliner was used for and wrote his name on it just before sticking it to his shirt pocket as a name tag.


This just goes to show that while men do appreciate a bit of makeup, freshness, and confidence–they are clueless when it comes to process by which we women come by it.

When it comes to being fierce and ready to take on the day, my beauty routine is of the utmost importance in building my confidence so I feel absolutely ready for anything that’s thrown at me.

Waking up at 5am has it’s perks of course–more time to enjoy the afternoon sun, more time to take the dog on long walks–but the actual process of getting my bum out of bed can be trying, so I take a quick shower to wake myself up. After my shower, I proceed to moisturize my face and body then prep my skin with primer (another thing I’m sure men know nothing about, haha).

I pick out my outfit and undergarments, being sure to use a daily liner to stay fresh and then the fun part comes– accessories and makeup! I apply my light foundation and sunscreen, blush, bronzer to contour, eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and then save the best for last–mascara! I’m always on the hunt for the boldest and most volumizing formula out there. Once I’m finished, I spritz on a bit of makeup setting spray and I’m good to go!

No matter what your routine is, staying fresh and fierce should always remain the top priorities. Confidence is so important in life and often times we forget how the little things in life can help us feel proud of who we are. While men may not know about everything that goes into helping us achieve our best, most confident selves– the important thing is that WE KNOW how to take care of ourselves so that we can take on the world. Never forget who you are and don’t lose sight of what it takes to make you feel confident.

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