My Skin Routine: How I Transformed My Problem Skin in 1 Month

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine

With a wedding coming up in a few short months (holy crap, I can’t believe it’s less than 90 days at this point!) my skin is a major concern.

I’ve had a long history of skin that doesn’t seem to cooperate–from cystic acne in my teens through a resurfacing of cystic acne in my mid twenties, it just hasn’t been a smooth ride. It seems that one day my skin is super oily in the t-zone and the next I’m getting dry spots that won’t seem to go away. The classic combination skin.

Lately, I’ve become increasingly concerned about wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. I know people say that it’s just a normal part of growing up, but I’m not buying it.

Being only 30, I knew that doing something to help get my skin back on track was imperative.

A little over a month ago, I figured I’d try the Paula’s Choice skin care products and establish a routine that would put this problematic skin back on the road to youthful rejuvenation.

Having had experience with Paula’s Choice products briefly in the past (their AHA gel from one of my Birchboxes), I knew this was a good choice. I filled out a profile to describe my skin and its current issues. I was sent this skin care routine that bridged the gap from day to nightly application.

Starting with the Skin Balancing Cleanser, I wash my face every morning. This is [no joke] the best cleanser I’ve used outside of the medical ones my dermatologist gave me years ago. It makes my skin feel soft yet clean and moisturized without feeling dry in 5 minutes like so many others have in the past.

Paula's Choice Skin Care

Next, I use the Resist Replenishing Toner to even my ruddy skin around my nose and chin. It’s been working gradually over the last month pretty well so far. I have noticed that my pores look a bit smaller and my skin feels tighter. Next, I squirt some of the Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid Exfoliant on a cotton ball and douse it lightly over my face.

This is very similar to the AHA exfoliant from Paula’s Choice I tried a few years ago and LOVED. My favorite part of this product is how tight and radiant my skin looks after using it. Between this and the nighttime moisturizer–they are my favorite products!

Paula's Choice Skin Care Routine

The next step includes 2 parts–the Resist Retinol Booster & Clear daily skin clearing treatment to combat emerging wrinkles at the same time as any pesky acne. I use the retinol every night and I’m starting to see my forehead wrinkles diminish a bit. I was always a bit sketchy about using such a strong product, but when I mix it with my moisturizer it doesn’t bother me.

My favorite part of this whole routine would have to be the CALM Redness Relief Moisturizer for normal to oily skin. This moisturizer feels so silky and doesn’t have that nasty sticky feeling afterward nor does it dry out quickly. I find myself putting this on 3 times a day because I love how good it feels. It is supposed to be used mostly at night, but I use it during the day too because it works well under makeup.

When I know I’m going to be outside during the day, I work the Resist Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid that has SPF.

I think the most important part of a skin care routine is sticking with it long enough to start reaping results. I never really liked a product line long enough to continue to use it, but this is one I plan to stick to. My skin has honestly never looked better and I’m so excited because this just means it can only get better from here on out in time for the wedding!

Do yourself a favor and try these products–you can have them customized to your skin’s needs. These products work well for my acne-prone normal-oily skin. Try them out for 20% off + free shipping right now–use this link here for the discount.

**Disclosure: Paula’s Choice provided customized products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


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