Organize Your Closet: The Reveal

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how to organize your closet


how to organize your closet

There’s something to be said about being honest with yourself when it comes to dispelling of pieces that you have grown tired of, outgrown, or are simply ill-fitting. As tough as it was for me to get rid of certain pieces that have become a part of me, getting rid of 7 trash bags of clothing felt that much better. It honestly felt as if a weight was lifted from my shoulders when I hauled those bags out of the house for good.

Now, drawers that haven’t closed in literally years, suddenly are able to close and I have room to go through all the pieces I have each morning without trying to cram them back in. I feel so much better knowing that the only pieces that are left are the ones that can be mixed and matched with new items for the upcoming season. There’s no use in keeping pieces that are too trendy to last or that you’re simply not wearing anymore. After having finally gotten over the “I’m too attached” feeling, I found that having an organized living space does wonders for my stress level. I love that I can now see everything and so I feel as if I will wear these things more often.

Organizing my stuff was a cinch as well, thanks to this new closet organizing system with SOFI products. The different sized soft boxes with featured like zippers and stackables, were able to help me sort through what I did have left while making sure that every item had its “spot”.

Upon going through all of my business pants, jeans, and scarves (yikes, I have about 100!), I realized that simply folding and stacking these items looked not only sloppy, but unstable! I found myself constantly trying to re-stack the piles of cardigans, pants, and scarves over and over each time I had to reach up and pull one down in the morning.

Enter the SOFI Brix Box, Small and SOFI Zipper Tote, Small— these two especially helped me to stack my sweaters and pants neatly and by color while containing them to a certain space and helping them stay put. The perfect part was that I could fit four of the boxes in the top part of my tiny closet alone! I love the way it looks now, definitely looks like it has rhyme and reason now. This will make me more apt to keep it looking neat and organized. Additionally, I am now able to actually SEE what I have in a pinch–especially when I have to wake up at 5am and get ready for work!

As for the Rax Bin and SOFI Hex Box, I found these particularly useful for all the random desk-like things I have lying around in my bedroom that never seemed to have a “home”. Items like my drawing pencils, book light, table books, novels, and notepads all seem to fit perfectly in the small, soft hex containers. So much better than having them stacked in piles on my vanity.

All in all, I’m so happy I finally got up the guts to make this happen. I’ve been living among piles of clutter and now I feel free of the burden. I finally am able to say I have a “Pinterest-worthy” closet/desk set-up and I’m proud to know that it didn’t take yanking out my hair to get there.

So in the spirit of sharing, I want to pass on some of my closet organization tips that hopefully will help you at some point or other:

1. Take an inventory of the pieces you have. For instance, if you have 30 striped shirts (like someone I know) get rid of some. You only need one or two that will work when layering/creating an outfit.

2. Take note of the colors you wear. I found that I pretty much only buy blue. I cannot say that I own anything purple, red, or yellow–and that’s a shame because these colors–especially yellow and burgundy–are going to be huge this season. Knowing what you gravitate toward can help you make smarter purchases in the future so you don’t end up with a “closet full of blue”.

3. If you don’t see it working for 3 different outfits right now–with what you have–pitch/donate/sell it. You aren’t going to wear something/it isn’t worth it if you are going to find multiple uses for it.

4. Be honest about clothes that don’t fit anymore. Yeah, I have that pair of skinny jeans in a size 0 still in my closet from junior year in college–well, I should say HAD. Get rid of things that you know aren’t in style anymore/won’t fit again. You can always bargain-buy new as a reward when you hit your weight goal. Keeping ill-fitting clothing around will only stress you out.

5. Make a pile of clothes to tailor. I have a few pairs of jeans and business pants that need tailored or mended and I just haven’t gotten around to it. Make a pile of these items and then make an appointment with your tailor. Tailored clothing looks better and feels better on your body. These pants are going to fix themselves, ladies.

6. Organize the little things. Have a pile of nail polish bottles, lip glosses, or pens just lying around? Find cute little storage containers (like the ones pictured above) to organize them with. I’ve even used vases in the past for my lipsticks and polishes to add to the decor. If everything’s has its place, you’ll feel better.

7. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. Easy-peasy.

Good luck! Do you have any other tips to add?

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