7 Accessories to Replace the Statement Necklace

Those of you who know me know that I really bought into the statement necklace a few years ago. I even participated in that ever-famous Pinterest jewelry display hack.

Well, things have changed since I started blogging 5 years ago; statement necklaces are starting to ween themselves out only to be replaced by other accessories that have begun to steal the limelight lately.

These, days it would appear that there are so many more options we have that take on a sort of ‘minimalistic’ approach.

It’s crazy to think that just a couple of years ago, statement jewelry ruled the fashion world. Nowadays, it seems we’ve take a turn that reflects a more delicate, minimal style.

So, here are # accessories that can replace the ‘statement’ necklace when it comes to making a statement!

Delicate layered necklaces:

Keep it simple, keep it chic. This delicate triple-layered necklace, featuring a matte rectangle pendant and a circle chain pendant, is a gr...:

photo credit: LookBook Store

It would seem that since the ‘boho’ fashion trend has taken hold of the sartorial world, delicate layered necklaces are everywhere! I love the mix-n-match factor that comes with this trend. This is one statement that works well with the minimalist look.

The bandana:

Free People Vintage Bandana:

Photo credit: Who What Wear

This is probably my favorite trend this year because it is so easy to wear! There are endless ways to tie this baby and several colors to choose from. This is definitely the easiest way to play upon the “cool girl” vibe when it comes to accessorizing. As you can tell–I’m a big fan.

The watch:

25 reasons you can (and should) mix gold and silver accessories // Edgy-chic arm party.:

Photo credit: StyleCaster

From Michael Kors to wooden watches, this year could easily be deemed ‘the year of the watch’. Often paired with stacked bangles, this trend is a classy way to make a statement.

Ring stacks:

Lauren Wolf knows how to build a mean ring stack. Not only does the designer dream up her own collection of stunning jewelry, like rough diamonds set in claw like 18k gold settings, she curates an insane selection of jewelry and objects, from other masterly peers, in her Oakland and Los Angeles:

Photo credit: Honestly WTF

A trend I’ve recently taken an interest in, the stacked rings most often come in howlite, turquoise, or sterling silver when seen on most fashionistas’ hands.

Pendant necklace:

Plaid Coat - Lemon Stripes:

Photo credit: Lemon Stripes 

Understated, yet classy–this coin pendant necklace seems to be popping up everywhere lately and it’s been on my radar for awhile!

Double-sided earring:

Vanilla and Camel | Hello Fashion:

Photo credit: Hello Fashion

From pearls to three pronged versions, these babies have replaced the statement earring AND necklace this year.

Wide brimmed hat:

Black wide brim hat, brown fur jacket, ripped skinny jeans, and black tall ankle boots:

Photo credit: Who What Wear 

Simple, casual, and bad-ass, this trend comes in many versions & colors.. Most often worn with ripped up jeans and ankle boots, it shows no signs of going away anytime soon!


What are your favorite accessories lately?

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