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With Fashion Week commencing, it’s easy to see how every girl needs to make some space in her closet for…yet even more clothing!  My past weekend was full of last-minute visits with my parents and assessing/cleaning out my two insane closets. Ripping apart old favorites and letting go of shoes that have held a special place in my heart was tough, but definitely cathartic.

My room/closet was a dishelved mess (as you can see above) but I knew that these wonderful SOFI products would help me make some sort of sense out of this mound of craziness.

The best part about them is how they come is so many different sizes, which are perfect for stacking and organizing different pieces in my closet. Some of the issues I have with organization include finding spaces for my (it seems like) millions of scarves, piles of jeans, and even books/pens/notepads.

The SOFI Zipper Tote, Small and SOFI Brix Box, Small–are perfect for stacking sweaters and pants, while the Rax bin and SOFI Hex Box, work wonderfully for all the random desk-like things you may having lying around.

With neutral colors, zippers for extended stacking, and cute/trendy patterns, these babies are a great way to modernize while organizing your closet. 

I can’t wait to get started and share with you my “after” photos and how SOFI helped me sort out my crazy mess of a closet/room. In the meantime, I would love to share with you some of Monica Friel’s (organizing expert & President of Chaos to Order) tips for organizing your closet into your own chic boutique for spring fashion. They really are helping me as I prepare to fix this mess!

  1. Reimagine your closet as your personal chic boutique: Before you begin to organize, make sure you have cleverly-designed products to make your closet inspiring, vibrant and fun! The new line of SOFI™ home organizational products can help you makeover your closet. SOFI products feature stylistic touches like gold fasteners and zipper accents, geometric print interiors, in a sophisticated color palette to bring you inspiration every time you open your closet door.
  2. Now, Be a Style Editor: Go through your closet item by item. Eliminate what feels drab while gathering ideas for pieces you can add to update your existing clothing collection.
  3. Group Similar Items Together: The best way to know exactly what you have is to put like-items together. Use your style editor-eye to organize by type of clothing or style and then by color.
  4. Celebrate the Season: Keep the clothes you’re currently wearing accessible so that you don’t have to waste time searching for the things you need. For quick access to clothes and accessories, use a SOFI™ Brix Box™ with pull-out handles and open tops or a SOFI™ Zipper Tote™ for quick, front-panel access to clothes and accessories. And, take advantage of floor and shelf space in your closet with a SOFI™ Stax Shelf™that makes the most of existing vertical and horizontal space.
  5. Forget Last Season: Take time to get out-of-season clothes stored away. This will make your closet feel less cramped so you can easily see what you own before hitting the stores.
  6. Organization is not a Destination: Organization is an ongoing process that requires efficient systems, maintenance and the good old-fashioned discipline of putting things back in place. With Monica Friel’s tips, you’ll be on your way to having your own couture closet space!


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  1. jessica
    February 17, 2015 at 10:48 pm (4 years ago)

    With a big move happening within the next few weeks I am all about new storage 🙂

    Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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