Drink Recipe: Coconut Mojito Shot & Video


Hey everyone! We’re back again with another great drink recipe, and this time…it has a video!! One of our favorite mixed drinks is the mojito…living in Florida has definitely influenced this! They can take a while to make though, and if you are having a few people over you’re going to want to get the party started. Fast. So naturally…it’s time for shots! Let us show you how to make some Coconut Mojito Shots!

~ Ingredients ~

2 oz. White Rum

1 oz. Simple Syrup

Juice from 1/2 a Lime

5 Mint Leaves

Coconut La Croix

This is enough to make at least two shots and could probably be stretched to four if you space it out and fill the rest of the way with La Croix.

Throw some ice in your shaker along with the rum and the simple syrup.

Squeeze the lime half into the shaker then tear up the mint leaves before throwing them in too.

Now shake…shake like you’ve never shaken before!! (your guests will probably enjoy the show) Pour out into your shot glasses and then top with Coconut La Croix (because we’re obsessed).

Garnish with a little mint leaf for extra style point and BOOM you’ve got a shooter that’s sure to get your party started! Cheers!


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