Summer Drink Recipe: Pineapple Pepper Martini

Summer Drink Recipe: How to Make a Pineapple Pepper Martini

Hey everyone! We’re back with another great drink recipe for you to try. Now our last summer drink also included some pineapple, but maybe you’re thinking you need something a little different than just sweet in a drink…how about spicy?? It might come as a surprise to you (as it did to me) that pepper and pineapple go together suuuper well. Together they make another wonderful drink for you to enjoy this summer. So here we go, let’s make a Pineapple Pepper Martini!

~ Ingredients ~

1.5 Oz Vodka

3 Oz Pineapple Juice

2 Shakes Orange Bitters

2 Shakes Aromatic Bitters

Red Pepper Flakes (just a few)

Cayenne Pepper Powder

Black Pepper


Got it all? Good! Start by making the pepper rim for your glass. I usually do 2 parts cayenne, 1 part black pepper, and 1 part salt. This would also be really good to rim a Bloody Mary with if you’re into those. Dip the edge of your martini glass into water and then into your pepper rim mixture. ┬áNext just combine the rest of your ingredients into your cocktail shaker with some ice and shake!

Carefully pour your drink into the martini glass (don’t mess up that beautiful rim!). Finally garnish it with something unnecessarily fancy like a flower and you could charge up $12 for something like this (just wait until you see the look on your friend’s faces when you hand them the bill).

Summer Drink Recipe: How to Make a Pineapple Pepper Martini

There it is! Shake up a few of these today and experience a sweet and spicy treat this summer. Cheers!

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