10 Non-Basic Things I Love About Fall

10 non basic things to love about fall

Being a Pennsylvania girl, I truly have a deep-rooted connection to all things fall. From the time I was a little kid until now, I have been obsessed with the season from the second a leaf falls.

Unfortunately for me, however, not too many leaves fall here in the great state of Florida, so I am forced to live vicariously through others in regards to the picturesque scenery that I had grown so accustomed to. No worries though, there’s plenty more than changing leaves to love about fall.

While I tend to feel as if I often fit the “mold” of a basic girl [much to my dismay], I’m not a huge fan of all that is stereotypically loved by such girls this time of year.

Case in point, I’m kind of angry that Starbucks decided to do away with my favorite drink of all time– the Valencia orange refresher. With that being said, I’m not a super fan of their coffee and pumpkin anything in general, for that matter. Sure it’s good, but I’m not lining up outside of the store at 6am drooling over the nutmeg/cinnamon/pumpkin/vanilla/epic/mind-blowing holiday drink of the season–but again–that’s just me.

While I AM a huge fan of layering for fall, it’s often times difficult given the averages temperatures of 80 degrees around here right now.

Truth be told, there a lot I love about fall up north as well as down here that isn’t basic at all. (well, at least I hope not)

Here are the top ten reasons I love fall (in no particular order)

  1. Crunching leaves. I realize that the chances of doing this around her (FL) are scarce at best, but I’ve still managed to find a few lying on the ground (i.e. in Celebration) that allow me to get my fix. Maybe that makes me a ten year old but hey–there are worse things in the world.
  2. Gem-tones. From emerald to topaz and amethyst to sapphire, gem tones are constantly calling my name when I go shopping! I can’t get enough, and they all pair so well together as well as with leopard and stripes! (two of my favorite prints that work with anything)
  3. Burgundy/oxblood/maroon/wine or whatever they’re calling it these days.
  4. Apple cider. Nate and I just picked up our first jug at the store yesterday. We plan to share with you some of our favorite recipes for both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks with this delectable drink as the main ingredient. Stay tuned.
  5. Gorgeous skies. While I’m going to go ahead and brag that where I come from, Eastern Pennsylvania, the sunsets are some of the best on the planet (I’m biased of course, but look!) sunsets anywhere around this time of year just seem to have the most unbelievably beautiful color palette. I could sit outside forever and just watch them…
  6. Great shopping deals. Right before Black Friday’s madness, stores often roll out incredible deals to draw shoppers in. Well, it’s working. Don’t drink & Prime, people. Some sales I’m loving: Old Navy, Express, and Nordstrom.
  7. Prime-time shows. While I’m not a huge cable tv watcher (I’m addicted to Netflix and HBO), I do find the shows that air around this time are pretty awesome and my tendency to want to stay in and cuddle instead of being outside greatly increases from October-December. Some shows I’m really into right now: Blood & Oil, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder.
  8. Holiday movies (tv and in theaters) Part of my childhood memories spring from going to the movies around the holidays with my family. We always made it a point to watch a blockbuster on NYE together, and it seems like the fall/winter season has the best titles (not hard to see why). While it may be basic to be as addicted to Hocus Pocus re-runs as I am, other movies from horror to holiday pique my interest around this time, giving my HBO channels a much-needed siesta.
  9. Days off. Being a teacher, I know I’m spoiled, but I really look forward to the heaven-sent days (or weeks) off that occur around the holidays. I always think of my birthday (Nov 21st) as being the kick off for the best time of the year, immediately followed by all the glory of stuffing my face on Thanksgiving.
  10. Comfort food. This is the perfect time of year to indulge in little bits of everything that your little heart desires. This year, I’m trying to whip up some holiday favorites (lactose free) that I’ll share soon. I’m a huge fan of anything with potatoes, green beans, and stuffing of course!

…and let’s not forget (although the retail stores seemed to have already bypassed it):




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