The Formula for the Perfect Summer Outfit

bellsleeves & cutoff shorts with Sam Edelman embellished platform sandals

I’m grasping onto the last few shreds of summer that are within reach by sporting shorts on the regular. Who am I kidding? It’s Florida, and we can expect this sort of weather to continue well into fall. Being the northern native I am, however, I do long for those chilly nights and any excuse to layer with jewel-toned clothing. But we just can’t get away with that in these parts. So, for now, I’m going to have my fun with bright colors and fun shoes!

bellsleeves & cutoff shorts with Sam Edelman embellished platform sandals

The last time I styled this bell-sleeved top was in the spring with a pair of distressed jeans. I love that it’s white–it makes for an easy and clean slate to play with when it comes to accessories.

bellsleeves4bellsleeves & cutoff shorts with Sam Edelman embellished platform sandals

Clearly, I wanted to show off these amazing shoes. Not trying to brag but I did find them for $24 a couple of weeks ago (brushes off shoulder). I almost screamed when I saw them because I know how much they normally are retail price. At almost $200 a pop, I thought these little sole-ful beauties would remain a thing of my wildest dreams–until I found them at Marshalls. $24? Are you serious? Snatched them up immediately–they were, of course, the last pair!

bellsleeves with cutoff denim shorts and Sam Edelman embellished platform sandals

Thus completing my summer uniform, I added a pop of color, coordinating with my crossbody bag of the summer (you’re probably sick of seeing it by now). My simple outfit formula=an interesting top + denim cutoffs + one piece of statement jewelry + a pop of color.

Sam Edelman platform sandals

Endless Rose bellsleeve top c/o Shopbop | Sam Edelman Mel platform sandal [and here if you have Amazon Prime]| Free People cutoff denim shorts | Michael Kors bag  | Yellow beaded tassel earrings 

Back to work and officially kicking off the second week of school. I can’t believe the first week went by that fast–so insane. Here’s hoping the rest of the year goes by just as quickly! Wishing you all a productive and relatively sane workweek! 🙂

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I’ve been using the quote below to guide my teaching so far this year, and I’d say it’s working. Although it may seem challenging and some days downright impossible, the most important decision you make each day, I truly believe, is to make up your mind to be happy. YOU alone are responsible for your mood and the reactions you receive thereunto are a direct reflection of the vibes your are putting out into the world, so make them worth your (and other people’s) while! What’s your motto lately?

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