Fall Jumpsuit Layering

jumpsuit layering for fall

Being a huge fan of the romper, it’s no surprise that I’m also an avid fan of the jumpsuit. One of the reasons (other than the fact that you are basically taking the guesswork out of your outfit for the day) would have to be that they are so versatile!

jumpsuit layering for fall

The duster vest very well may be the most universal piece for fall dressing. Seeing as how I’m a northern girl at heart, I tend to go a little nuts when it comes to layering. This may be the reason why my favorite season is autumn!

jumpsuit layering for fall

jumpsuit layering for fall

jumpsuit layering for fall


Outfit: Jumpsuit c/o Design History  | Turtleneck via Old Navy  [similar here]| BCBGeneration heels [similar here] | Duster vest via TJ Maxx | Scarf via Zara

Fall is all about the layering and I’m loving it! Time to bust out the turtlenecks, kids! You know, it’s ironic how I used to make fun of my mother for having what we called a “turtleneck factory” in our basement closet and now I’m the first one to go buying one of the things. Unreal.

For this outfit, I wanted to continue on with the moss/black/white combo so I layered a well-known summer piece (the romper/jumpsuit) with a turtleneck and duster to make it work for fall temps.

To add a little sass (of course), I popped on my trusty black studded heels. I love how the edgy details play off an innocent-looking turtleneck. Poor turtleneck. It just can’t compete.

Tonight, Nate and I are packing for our trip home to PA tomorrow. It’ll be so nice to see friends and family. We’re going for friends of ours who are getting married amidst the beautiful falling leaf background. Oh, and that’s the other reason I’m stoked–I get to take fun pictures in all the greatness that is truly fall up north!

With that being said, there are a few pieces I’ve had to recently go digging up from my garage: a coat, scarves, boots. Yikes. I heard that it’s flirtin’ with 40 degrees there, and that ,my friends, will not do with my typical arsenal of Florida clothing.

Well I don’t really have time to dry clean my pea coat so I’m using Dryel, the at home dry cleaning system that works for about 25 cents per garment–ALRIGHT!! I just ransack my coat with the booster spray to eliminate odors and stains then pop it in the garment bag with the ultra cleaning cloth and it’s finished in minutes. Gotta love that timeliness!

I love that I don’t have to worry about it shrinking, fading, or becoming nasty with that pilling stuff–it comes out just as I left it, but cleaner of course. Take a minute to grab yourself one because they are only about $10 for one kit, and the whole kit cleans about 30 pieces (definitely a steal if you ask me considering what I normally pay for dry cleaning!).

Can’t wait to share all the fall photos with you guys next week! Enjoy your Friday!

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