Boho Black Maxi

  • Vintage necklace
  • American Eagle maxi dress & belt
  • Headscarf borrowed from mom’s closet
  • DSW wedge sandals
My love for maxi dresses has no end! I can’t seem to stop wanting more. They are just so comfy and have endless styling possibilities. This particular one is from American Eagle and I love the wooden beading detail. This makes it easy to style with worn leather and wooden accessories. Neutrals really bring out the earthy vibe of this bohemian piece. It was perfect to wear today as I was perusing the neighborhood yard sales and grocery shopping. It’s just too easy to throw on and go. A piece like this looks good on everyone even petite-sized women, as you can hem the length easily. For boyish body types (and really anyone who wants to show off their waist) I would suggest a belt around your waistline, so that you can still have a shape in this drapey style.

Pop of health/fitness: So this I guess is officially Day 2 of the weight loss journey. My mom and I wrote down our health habits- both bad and good and analyzed how they affect our diet. My bad habits included a Diet Coke obsession, “grazing” (a.k.a. skipping meals then grazing through snacks), portion control problems, snacking late at night, and not drinking enough water. My mother’s included a coffee obsession, skipping breakfast, eating carbs excessively throughout the day, having a sweet tooth, and snacking too much on triscuits and cheese. We both have realized that we are not making working out a priority in our lives and we need to start eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Figuring out our good habits was a boost though! (haha) We found that we both have gotten rid of white bread products and only eat wheat products, we have switched to skim milk, we don’t eat a lot of red meat, we steam veggies to go along with most of our meals, and we don’t drink our calories. My mom brings a water bottle around wherever she goes (a lesson I’ll have to learn!) and eats fiber cereal for breakfast (when she does eat breakfast). I have completely cut out creamy dressings such as ranch and bleu cheese, do not eat fried food, and have a constant breakfast that’s the same everyday- consisting of oatmeal and a piece of whole wheat toast or a banana to go with it. Tomorrow we will examine how active our lifestyles are and how we can increase our calories burned.

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