Boho Poncho & Bell Bottoms

Bloomingdales flare leg jeans

Bloomingdales flare leg jeans

Bloomingdales flare leg jeans

Bloomingdales flare leg jeans

Boho Flare Leg Jeans and Poncho winter fashion//fall fashion

Outfit: Hudson High Rise Taylor Jeans c/o Bloomingdales | Brixton fedora | Poncho sweater c/o SheInside

I am proud to announce that I have worn this poncho a total of two times even though it’s been sweltering here in Orlando…okay so I wore it in Pennsylvania over Thanskgiving. Big whoop. It was the perfect blend of coat/comfy sweater for the plane right there and back over the holiday break.

Best part is, that I’ve been swooning over this [pretty much exact] one from Free People but haven’t been willing to part with the almost $100 for a piece that I won’t get a ton of use from here in the south.

Enter SheInside. With this version for under $25, it’s easy to see why I made the choice I made. It has the same look, same warmth, and same comfort, but for a much more pocket-friendly price.

I paired mine for travel with these high rise flare leg jeans from Hudson via Bloomingdale’s 100% collection line. After having tried my first pair of Hudsons, I’d say I’m officially hooked. They just may be my new go-to brand. I love that they have a little give and feel soft like I’ve had them for years. They don’t stretch, which is awesome, and they flatter my pear shape well, as they bow out at the bottom. Love them. I’m officially not going to be seeing any other jean.

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