Casual in Camo Pants & Ankle Boots

camo pants outfit for women





For some reason, I’m posting what I’ve been wearing lately on the weekends to change it up. Every weekend, you can find me sporting ankle boots, comfy pants and of course–a statement necklace!

These camo pants are a seasonal favorite of mine–the neutral colors work well with blues, grays, black, white, mustard, and many others. Between my Adona boots and my new gray suede ankle boots, I’m finding a nice rotation that suites most of my fall wear.

And…we got caught in a rainstorm today. What can I say? You should have seen my funky bangs. No blow dryer could fix it. Yikes! I decided to change it up by adding bangs and some highlights. Who knows what I’ll do next, I get bored easily. I’m thinking of trying to go even a little blonder but we’ll see.

How was your weekend? My mom came into town and we’ve been having a blast! Other than some grading, we got to go out shopping and have some fun. The weather was gorgeous and so that definitely helped. We had an amazing breakfast yesterday and went out to a pub for a delicious dinner. What did you guys do this weekend?

Outfit: Camo pants W Concept c/o Style Says| Necklace via Accessory Mercado | Tank via SiHo c/o Style Says| Boots c/o CC Corso Como| Rings c/o Melinda Maria Jewelry

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