Happy Birthday, ‘Merica!










Outfit: Top via Aeropostale  [in stores now for $5.99]| Jeans via Forever 21 | Jacket via Old Navy  [similar here]| Necklace via Forever 21 | Flats via Gap [similar here]

What could be more perfect for a day dedicated to American freedom than red, white, blue, denim, and baseball? I hope you all are enjoying your day filled with apple pies, hot dogs, hamburgers, picnics, family, and sunny weather! As for me, I’ll be party hopping to find out the gender of my friend’s new baby as well as to celebrate my brother’s 27th birthday and engagement! It’s one of those days/nights that you know are going to end up with hilarious stories we’ll re-live tomorrow that started with a little too much sangria. I can’t wait.

Still not sure what I’ll be wearing since my thin-skinned Floridian self is not used to this ’66 degree’ heat wave we’re having in Pennsylvania. It may be warm to some, but you don’t know heat until you’ve played “hot lava” on the way to get your mail in 104 degree heat, mid-July. I planned to wear my red skirt and tank but it may be a jean and tee kinda day. We shall see.

What are you guys planning to wear today?

Photos by R Frank Photography