Flower Child

  • Vintage high-waisted shorts
  • Steve Madden wedge sandals
  • Vintage blouse
  • Necklace from Aerie
  • Bag from Valentina
This sheer blouse is saving my life today! It’s been so hot out (not that I’m complaining!) and finding clothes that keep you cool is getting harder and harder. This sheer front-tie blouse is a vintage find from last week that I plan to also pair with white cropped jeans or a midi skirt. High-waisted shorts like these are the perfect solution is you’re looking for shorts that give you a nice womanly shape, but hide the love handles! They smooth every imperfection and allow you to wear cropped tops without showing any of your midriff.
Pop of health/fitness: So, we’re trying something new here for the next 6 weeks. My mother approached me with this idea earlier today and I really liked it. We are going to be tracking our combined weight loss endeavors with you [in detail] over´╗┐ the next six weeks. Today we both weighed in, and have decided that she will attempt to lose 10% of her current weight, while I work on losing 5% of mine. This will be no easy task, as tomorrow we will be doing a personal analysis of our vices/bad habits and figuring out what our plan will be. But with the advice I’ve been sharing with all of you plus some variety in our workout plans/diets I know we will be able to accomplish this! I’m excited, and look forward to sharing with you exactly how we are going to do this!

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