Pink Loafers

Loafers from Gap Gap Super Skinny Twill Pants |Bracelet via American Bridal|Gingham shirt from Gap|Similar pin
Yep, “Gap-ed” out again! The ease and comfort of this season’s products makes it really simple to fall in love with and wear out- when going to work! I’ve been coveting this cute little loafers for quite some time now, so you could imagine how happy I was when my parents bought them for me as a gift a few weeks ago. They’re just as comfy as they are cute!
I love the way something as simple as these loafers can be so bright and wake up an outfit with a somewhat mute color palette. By adding a simple flower pin to this shirt, the colors tie together creating a super simple and easy-to-recreate look that is wearable practically anywhere!
This gorgeous and simple pearl bracelet is from American Bridal, definitely check this site out for wonderfully affordable jewelry for your big day or anyday! I can’t wait to show you the adorable monogram on this silver charm pearl bracelet! I couldn’t resist this classic pearl bracelet that actually fits my unusually small wrists- the sizing was customizable and perfect.

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