Celebration & Little Black Dress











The other day my family and I visited a little town called Celebration which is right outside of Disney.  We had a blast seeing the “snow” fall and watching the kids skate on the “ice rink” which was made out of plastic.

For the occasion, we decided to dress to the nines, which included this fabulous bow back dress from Marshalls that I also wore for Nate and my date in Orlando shortly before. This baby is so elegant and needs little to make it stand out any more than it does. I opted for a long Audrey Hepurn-esque pearl necklace, red lips, and leopard-print flats because we knew we would be doing a lot of walking around.

We went to dinner at a little wine emporium and had some delicious flatbread and a bottle of Merlot. We had such a good time, it’s nice having family around the holidays!

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s Eve tomorrow! I think we’re planning on just staying in and having crab cakes and filet mignon! Sounds wonderful to me 🙂

Oh, by the way, I found this awesome article about forgetting what’s in the past and knowing how to start the new year off right with a clear mind and an open heart. Read it here!

All 3 of the ladies’ dresses via Marshalls| leopard flats via Gap similar here| Kate Spade metallic handbag| Carlos Santana black leather boho handbag