Men’s Style: Seersucker Blazer + Striped Tee





Well my handsome brother has made his blog comeback today! He recently bought some pretty dapper clothes before his trip to Florida and I’m loving how classic and coordinating they are. These shorts he found were only $16!

I convinced him to get this amazing seersucker blazer because it can be both casual and formal. This is another great print mixer! I love how well the striped worked with it. It would seem like a stripe overload but somehow it works! The bold red shorts add a touch of color and brighten up the outfit while the classic white Sperrys anchor the whole look. (Okay, I wasn’t going for the pun but it just happened!)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Outfit: Seersucker blazer via JCPenney| Sperry Topsiders| Red shorts| Striped tee via Gap

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