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Happy weekend everybody! I’m sure enjoying the end to this long and trying week, myself. It’s been a rough one and thoughts of relaxation and unwinding are so appealing right now. Even as I write this, I admit I’m sitting here in my pajamas about to watch Breaking Bad and just ate some delicious pizza.

To me, there’s rarely something better to do on a Friday night besides those things. Hopefully you all had a wonderful week. What did you do?

I was so happy Nate and I were able to meet up with some of our Pennsylvania friends in Orlando last night. We went to Tommy Bahamas Restaurant and Bar (p.s. had NO idea it was also a restaurant/bar) and dinner was delicious! It was so nice getting to catch up with friends from home. What better way to start a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

I wore this outfit yesterday to work when I knew I had to layer. It was the first time I’ve actually had to scrape this crap we call “frost” off my windshield and it wouldn’t come off with just a lazy flick of windshield wiper fluid. Oh well, can’t say I didn’t try! Didn’t I move down south to get away from this?! Good thing it’s not long-lived around here. Today it was nicer, but I still haven’t been able to ride my new cruiser around yet. (P.S. I bought a bike –beach cruiser I guess, technically–) I’m so thrilled to finally get to ride it. I think it will be a nice way to unwind and sneak in some extra exercise.

Outfit: Pants via Marshalls Similar here| Flats via Old Navy Similar here and here for $17| Buffalo check shirt c/o Old Navy| Similar vest for $15| Necklace c/o Loopsway


I love this quote. We all need to be reminded to only fill our heads with positive thoughts because not only is negativity worthless, but it’s intoxicating to your well-being. The more you put yourself down, the harder it is for you to escape those thoughts in your every day life. Have a great weekend!