Parisian Geek Chic & Old Navy Skinnies

old navy skinnies






Something about this graphic tee screams “Parisian chic” to me! I’m loving the Paris-esque stripes and the “Hello Gorgeous” graphic text in sequins. Makes my day!

The ombre scarf is so different it just seemed right to pair it with this rich burgundy colors strewn throughout the outfit. I’m normally not a big fan of khaki-colored pants or khaki pants in general due to their often being uncomfortable and ill-fitting, but these are so comfortable they feel like yoga pants. I even find myself reaching for them with a worn in tank and sandals on the weekends. Mind blown.

One of my favorite colors this season is burgundy/wine. As seen in my last post here!┬áIn addition to mustard, these colors are rich and seem to complement well with pops of prints. One new trend I’m trying this season is to incorporate the hue in unexpected pieces of my wardrobe. For instance, these wine-colored booties are to die for! Why not add a pop of color into your footwear?! Awesome concept. I’m feeling that sometimes neutral-colored booties feel over used. I’m loving them, don’t get me wrong–but it’s nice to have something fresh to kick the season off with.

Geeky-chic glasses are always a good idea– I feel like they take the focus away from tired eyes! Yesterday, we all had a 13 hour work day so I was draggin’ today! Good thing the people I work with are absolute angels, I love coming to work.

With all this fun talk about sleeping, I wanted to share with you some fun stats I found the other day on our good ‘ole pal Pinterest:

Sleep Infographic


I think I was most surprised about the whole “dreaming in color” thing. I asked my high school students the other day how vividly they dreamed and if, in fact, they did dream in color. It surprised them when I brought up how it is possible to dream in black and white and that some people still do.

I am not proud to say that I am one of the Americans who don’t get their 7 hours of sleep. I average more like 4-5 a night. Last night it was around 3. Not that I’m complaining, night time is for blogging for me; it’s my way of unwinding and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The way I see it, I have to be stimulated to feel like I’m doing someone with my day; even if I’m just “relaxing”. Sometimes, I wish I knew the recipe to actually relax. Any suggestions?



Outfit: Women’s sueded short zip boots| Polka Dot Ombre scarf| Sequin graphic tee| Rockstar skinny pop color jeans| Glasses c/o Wow Vintage

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  1. kelsey
    September 25, 2013 at 9:38 pm (6 years ago)

    bah! you’re the cutest in those glasses. also loving your boots. the infographic was great! thanks for sharing
    kw, ladies in navy

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