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Outfit c/o SIX:02 Under Armour at Millenia Mall in Orlando

Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s November already. I was just looking at the calendar thinking “wow we have less than 8 months until the wedding!” The 90 degree weather down here isn’t helping to sell a case for fall either.

Last weekend was mostly spent in my favorite little town of Celebration. Eating sushi, getting my hair done by a good friend at Salon 720, and breaking my heel when I got out of the car for brunch made for an interesting weekend. As I was wearing my favorite blocked heel sandals, and walking to Celebration Town Tavern I noticed they were a bit lopsided. Upon the second step, they broke off completely.

Thank God there are tons of little shops along the main drag with sandals to compensate for what I had lost a few minutes earlier because I wasn’t about to continue walking on my toes as people looked at me funny. I found it amusing that a few stopped to say “cute heels!” I couldn’t tell if they had only seen the non-damaged one or if they were being sarcastic. Either way–it was a hilarious sight.

It seemed like everything was under construction and when we asked the shop owner why she let us know that the World Food Championships were coming to the town November 3rd through the 10th and chefs would be setting up along the main street. 40,000 people were expected to come, she mentioned, adding–“and I have no idea where they’re going to put them!” Guess we’ll be taking an Uber!

Lazy weekends call for comfy [and cute!] workout clothing. Nothing, in my opinion, brings it together better than a color-coordinating mix of pieces that are stylish AND breathable. SIX:02 at Millenia in Orlando does an excellent job of both, no question.

The colorful sports bra was my personal favorite because it added some fun print and interest to the mix. These running shoes though–they take the cake. I feel like I’m walking on air and with the breathable fabric, I’m not sweating in Orlando’s unbearable heat.

Have a great week everyone!

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