Up North for Thanksgiving

I’m baaaackkk. I’ve missed you guys and doing this. I needed a break for awhile but I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. You ever get that feeling when you’re losing inspiration and on the verge of quitting? Welp, I was there. Then I figured out that I want to be here, doing what I love and what makes me happy. Sharing outfit ideas. Sounds trivial, but it is something I really enjoy and it truly makes me happy to hear/see women trying new things with their wardrobes and ending up feeling better for it.

Well, you’re in for a rare treat today because I just DGAF and am sharing some of the “outtakes” that we usually have (to be honest) and never share. Oooohhh boy. Maybe this will become a regular thing. My husband and I have a blast entertaining ourselves with our own stupid antics. And if I made you laugh or at least crack a smile then I’ve done my job for the day (I mean, other than my day job haha).

So Nate and I went back to the “frozen tundra” also known as Pennsylvania, and froze our butts off with friends and family while simultaneously enjoying one hell of a meal. I had a blast going out with my best friend the night before Thanksgiving and dancing like morons to rap songs from 15 years ago. Makes me miss being back there.

I can’t help but enjoy packing for trips back up north because I get to layer, layer, layer! This is something I rarely get to do here in Florida. I spent a good three hours packing excessive amounts of outfits I knew I didn’t need but loved putting together anyway. Either way, this one made the cut on day one back home. It was great for shopping, going out to lunch, and visiting with family while running around town with mom.

And here’s my obligatory “yes, I got to throw and step on crunchy leaves” photo. It may be cheesy, but these are some of the things I miss about fall back home. Weird thing was that we went out the next day and mom and I got nailed in the face with hail while running from Marshalls to the car in a snow/hail storm. This city’s weather is truly bizarre.

Cheers and leaf throwing celebrations for the double chin I grew while eating like an a**hole the whole time I was home. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. I’d like to thank dive bars, Thanksgiving food, and multiple homemade desserts because I couldn’t have done it without them.

This one is just to get your warmed up to the idiotic shenanigans Nate and I pull every time we do a shoot. I might have walked across the lawn in this position. You’ll never know.

This is my parents’ dog: Old Man Face. Kidding, her name is Skyy and she’s adorable. We was like peas and carrots the whole time I was up there. Look at that face *melts*.

And I’ll leave you with this photo Nate snapped (unbeknownst to me) when he asked me to do the impression I do of Skyy’s face. One for the family portrait wall for sure.

Hope you guys are having a great start to your week and staying warm! We just decorated so things are all Christmasy around these parts and I’m into it. Throw me some cheesy $6 white girl signs like “get your jingle on” and “joy to the world, the wine is here” and I’m in business. ‘Til next time 😉

Outfit: Ribbed turtleneck via Amazon | Leather vest via Poshmark [similar here for $43] | Howlite necklace via Rocksbox | American Eagle jeans ($24) | Dolce Vita booties

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