Mint-Chip Martini

Hey everyone! We’re back at it with another great recipe. This week’s focus: dessert cocktail!! (Because who doesn’t love dessert AND booze?!) Lately Missy has been obsessed with Halo Top ice cream to the point where it’s literally taking up an entire shelf in our freezer. All the pints staring me in the face every time I needed some ice eventually got me thinking…why not use one as a base for a sweet and creamy drink? (I know right? leave it to Nate to add booze into the equation) So without further adieu, let me show you how to make your new favorite dinner party dessert: The Mint-Chip Martini! (more…)

One Shoulder Ruffle Top & Mustard Shorts

one shoulder ruffle top

I’m guilty of loving this top just as much as probably every other person you’ve seen wearing it this summer, but this was one trend I had to succumb to. I know that the one shoulder and off the shoulder top is trending but I’m partial to the one shoulder–I just think it’s more flattering! (more…)