Lace Pants & Peter Pan Collar

Lace Pants & peter pan collar top | spring fashion | preppy style

You don’t have to fly out balcony windows to sport a Peter pan collar…just pick one up on Amazon and pair it with pretty much anything! This nod to preppy style gets a modern update with ruffled sleeves and a tied back. The subtle stripes keep it classic, and make it a fun piece to dress up or down. (more…)

A Visit to Nashville: How to Style a Fringe Jacket

Styling a fringe jacket & boho dress | what to wear in Nashville

Last weekend, Nate and I had the pleasure of visiting friends in Nashville and getting to spend some time exploring the city! We went to surprise his best friend for his birthday and stayed about 4 days. The weather warmed up a bit from normal and we had a blast! Besides standing in line for 15 minutes waiting for a photo with this wall (below), everything was awesome! Styling a fringe jacket was definitely one of the perks to livin’ it up in a country western city! (more…)