How to Treat Problem Skin with ZAPZYT

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best acne treatment products

I have suffered with acne for as long as I can remember! In middle school, they first started to rear their ugly heads and the issue continued throughout high school when I unfortunately had to undergo Accutane treatment to keep it under control. Fast forward about seven years to when the acne began to come back and it’s no surprise to find out just how devastated I was. Hadn’t I done my time? Why was this still coming back in my mid 20s? (more…)

Gingham & Watermelons (plus an awesome Vera Bradley giveaway!)

My love affair with gingham continues! I thrifted this Anthropologie top from Poshmark (is it still called thrifting if it’s from there?) and I love how classy it looks! It’s one of those tops that’s perfect for the summer heat and can be worn under a cardigan or blazer (stop laughing those of you who know me personally haha) for work. Pairing it is easy! (more…)