7 Trends to Try for Fall

I know that technically fall is upon us even though I’m having a hard time believing it! Yesterday it was 93 degrees here in Orlando which is making my mind play tricks on me! It’s super hot out and even getting home in the evenings sometimes warrants a swim. I’m not complaining though, I moved here for a reason and that reason is not to have eternal winter, so for that I’m grateful.

Be that as it may, even though the temperatures are strikingly hot still, I AM looking forward to all things fall when it comes to my wardrobe. Being of northern descent, it is in my nature to layer, layer, layer! I’m a huge fan of loading it on especially when the weather is so unpredictable in Pennsylvania.

I try to think of this every time I put together an outfit here in Florida, but there are some different rules to follow. Often times, layering can’t be heavy, and must be strategic. What used to be socks and boots have now turned into light scarves and jewelry layering. Either way, layering is a concept that works and what better way to explore than to dive into this season’s newest trends that I can’t wait to try!

So without further adieu, here are my top 7 new trends that I can’t wait to try this fall!

Suede Jackets

Every year, I find myself going ga-ga over leather jackets and this fall is no different. But instead of black leather moto jackets on my mind, all I can think about is the buttery soft suede cropped versions that keep popping up all over my Pinterest feed. Luckily for me (and my budget), most of the versions I’ve been falling in love with are considerably less than their all leather counterparts. These suede beauties are available in a myriad of different jewel tones, perfect for fall, and I’m loving every one of them!

I recently purchased my very first one in hunter green from Shopbop and I can’t get enough!

Shop the items here:



Yes, you can feel free to crack on me because I’m pretty much about to crack on myself for wanting to try this. Once reserved for primped-up prepsters, this classic topper has recently received rejuvenation from popular bloggers and models alike. When I first saw one styled on GalMeetsGlam.com I have to admit, I did a double-take. The woman can pull off pretty much anything and so I started to wonder if that’s something I could incorporate into my own style. Well, of course I can–why not?! The beauty of experimenting with fashion is that you can try anything and if you don’t like it, just don’t wear it again.

I’m especially loving the berets being shown with checked oversized blazers and skinny cropped jeans. It just gives the outfit such a chic Parisian vibe. Gimme.

Shop berets here:


Checked Oversized Blazers

Speaking of checked oversized blazers, they keep popping up everywhere–from my Facebook feed to Pinterest, all over stores like Zara, and in the magazines. “Borrowing from the Boys” the headlines often say, and with some added girly accessories, I would definitely be of that mind!

I recently purchased one from Banana Republic (not checked) but an oversized blazer, and I find it goes with so much! I’m really diggin’ on this one!

Shop my favorites here:

Ruffled Sweaters

Another recent purchase from Banana Republic, ruffled sweaters have caught my eye this season. They’re like the “utility players” of the fall wardrobe for me. With a fresh take on a classic silhouette, these stunners pair well with anything this season while adding an unexpected touch of chic femininity.

Here is the one I bought!

Shop my picks here:


Varsity Jackets

Yeah, yeah bare with me here—I know this seems like a “blast from the past” but I honestly think there’s something to them this time! Reminiscent of a varsity letterman’s jacket, these updated versions often come adorned with fleece and various other glitzy add-ons for a modern punch.

Loving this one

Shop my favorites:


Paper Bag Waist Pants

I’m literally wearing my new pair as I type this. Maybe I’m cheating here, but this style of pant has had my heart from the get-go. I’ve been wearing this style for a couple of years now but only recently has it become very accessible. Can’t say I’m mad about it! I recently scooped up 3 pairs from Zara at Disney Springs with my mom this weekend and I can’t get over how they’re not only flattering, but feel like actual pajamas. With my pear shape, this type of cinched waist and wider pant leg accentuates my waist and skims over my wider hips to create a fluid shape. A win-win in my book!

My favorite pair I’m wearing right now

Shop my favorites here:

Saddlebag Handbags

As if I needed another reason to fall in love with handbags–this season, it seems that every designer from Chloe to Rebecca Minkoff has their own version of the trend and each one is more beautiful than the next.

I just rented this one from Rent the Runway

Shop my favorites here:

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  1. Karen
    October 10, 2017 at 11:44 pm (2 years ago)

    I’m not usually a kind of person who love cold season, but I do love fall. I guess it’s entirely because of the style. And my! These are lovely trends to try this fall. Love it!

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