Holiday Drink Recipe: Moose Nog

Holiday Drink Recipe: Moose Nog

Merry Christmas, everyone! I don’t know about all of you, but Missy and I have been running around so much these past few days getting ready for the big day. We finally have all of our shopping done (thank God) and we wanted to relax with a seasonal drink we both enjoy.

I’m sure you’ve all seen Christmas Vacation (if not, what are you doing?!) so you probably recognize these iconic moose mugs! My parents sent these to us and now it’s pretty much the only glass I will ever drink eggnog out of. Here’s a simple recipe that you can all enjoy with your friends and family… “Moose Nog”!

~ Ingredients ~

1/2 part Kahlua

1/2 part Bourbon

2 parts Eggnog

Grated Nutmeg

Get your cocktail shaker out and add all the ingredients except for the nutmeg.

I did the measurements in “parts” so that you can create the appropriate amount for the glass you’re using…these moose mugs are great but they’re a little small!

Shake those ingredients with ice for 10-15 seconds and pour into your glass.

Garnish your drink with the grated nutmeg (you can also use cinnamon if you don’t like nutmeg…or both!) and you’re done!

This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser and it’s really simple to make. Enjoy with friends and family, and have a very Merry Christmas!

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