Easy Date Night Idea: How to Make Your Own Sushi at Home

date night idea: how to make your own sushi

Maybe I’ve become an old woman in the past few months since we’ve purchased our house–but date nights are hard to come by–especially when you’re trying to save money!

Lately, Nate and I have done our best to find unique ideas and experiences that we can share together that happen to be fun, energetic, and out of the norm (not to mention affordable!).

It’s kind of a crazy frontier; the whole “living in your own house for the first time thing”, but so far, so good. We’ve tried a whole bunch of new things lately from hiking, to finding new dog parks, and enjoying our annual passes during Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival!

These things have really helped us grow closer and share some awesome new experiences, but sometimes, you just want to stay home and enjoy the house you’ve invested in.

Now, while I’ve always been a frequent flyer on the Marshalls scene when it comes to clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories–I’ll admit one of my guilty pleasures has been browsing through the home section. ¬†There’s just so many cool gift ideas, kitchen tools, unique spices, and chic home decor that I can’t help myself!

This past week, I teamed up with Marshalls to surprise myself with something unique that I’ve always wanted to try and give it a whirl!

We found so many fun things that we’re dying to try. Among our list: new & super thick yoga mats to try increasingly flexibility and strength, a cupcake tin & decorating kit for weekend baking, and these two sushi kits for making your own sushi at home!

We’ve always wanted to try this, and what a perfect setting–our new house while using our new kitchen supplies! These kits from Marshalls included a bamboo rolling mat, chopsticks, wooden bowls for soy & yum yum sauce, a fork, and a spoon to scoop and smooth ingredients into the roll.

They turned out way better than we thought and the process was so fun, we can’t wait to do it again! We kept saying to each other how delicious it was and how much it felt like we were in a restaurant! What better way to spend a regularly mundane Monday night?

So here’s how we did it:


sushi kits @marshalls

Hey! Nate here, and I had a blast making sushi with Missy. If you ask her where I go whenever we’re in Marshall’s she’ll let you know I head straight for all the kitchen stuff. A nice non-stick pan for $10?! Get in my cart!…aaaand then all the sudden I have may hands on $100 of kitchen paraphernalia. Whoops. Anyways, we started by making the sushi rice according to the label (yes, you need to use sushi rice, don’t try to get away with anything else). While that was cooking I cut up all the ingredients to make the process go smoother. We had cucumber, avocado, crab sticks, salmon, cream cheese, and shrimp tempora, but sushi is what you make it (literally) so roll whatever you like!

how to make your own sushi

Pull out a sheet of the seaweed wrap out and put in on the bambo roller. You can find the sheets and the rest of the typical sushi ingredients at basically any grocery store that has an international aisle.

You will need 3/4 of a sheet to make a roll with the rice on the outside. With wet hands (this is a must!) grab some sushi rice and spread it over the rough side of the sheet. Do this very lightly!

Don’t crush the rice into the sheet. Flip the sheet over and place the fillings you want into the middle and then roll! Don’t worry if you don’t get it on the first try…I definitely didn’t. but here is what we managed to do:

how to make your own sushi

how to make your own sushi @marshalls #fabfind

sushi dinner date night at home with @marshalls

how to make sushi at home

Pretty proud of how it turned out and although it took awhile–well worth it! It was such a blast and tasted even more delicious than what we were expecting. The kits were both around $15, making this date night idea not only fun, but incredibly affordable!

Now here’s your chance to try something new! I’m giving away a $100 Marshalls gift card to any reader in the U.S.¬†

Here’s how to enter: Comment below with your name, email address, and what you’d like to try this spring–it could be a new kitchen tool, some new exercise you’ve been dying to try, or a new clothing trend you’ve seen!

Giveaway open until Saturday, May 7th at 10pm EST.

Good luck!

date night idea: how to make your own sushi

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