Holiday Drink Recipe: Yule Nog

holiday drink recipe: yule nog

Seasons greetings! It’s that time of year again and I know you’re all looking for new ways to take your festivities to the next level. Missy and I have always enjoyed eggnog; it really helps us get into the Christmas spirit! And since we found lactose free eggnog for Missy to enjoy, I thought it would be fun to make the next recipe post a wonderful egg nog drink to wow all your holiday guests (…I’ll find any excuse to drink–’tis the season, right?). So, here we go again! Let’s make ourselves a Yule Nog!



1 oz Cognac

1 oz Spiced Rum

2.5 oz Eggnog

Chocolate Syrup

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Stick

Fresh Grated Nutmeg

holiday drink recipe: yule nog

Start by getting the glass ready. Wet the rim with chocolate syrup. This not only adds to the flavor of the drink, but also creates the perfect base to adding the cinnamon sugar to the rim…now that’s what I call using your “noggin” (…groan). After dunking the rim in the chocolate syrup, place it into cinnamon sugar to “frost” the rim. You can use the pre-made cinnamon sugar from the store, but I prefer to make it by mixing 1 part cinnamon to 3 parts white sugar. Let’s get things shaking!


holiday drink recipe: yule nog

Next, grab your cocktail shaker and add some ice to it. Then, add the spiced rum, cognac, and egg nog. Screw the lid on and get to shakin’! Keep going until your hands get uncomfortably cold and then pour it out into your previously rimmed glass. Fair warning: this drink is strong. I love the way the flavors of the cognac and the spiced rum interact with the egg nog, but if you prefer to not taste the alcohol portion as much you can adjust the ratio of ingredients to your liking (try 1/2 oz cognac, 1/2 oz spiced rum, and 3 oz egg nog, for example). Dress the drink up with the fresh nutmeg and a cinnamon stick…because your holiday party is not a success until everyone is taking instagram photos of the drinks you make them. Why wouldn’t they if they look like this:


holiday drink recipe: yule nog

By the beard of Santa…now that’s a holiday drink! Wonderfully sweet and warms you up from head to toe. Perfect for any of your holiday activities like wrapping gifts, hosting a holiday party, or washing away the stress from fighting the crowds at the mall (seriously, I really needed it this year). Missy and I hope you all enjoy your time with your friends and family, and that you enjoy a Yule Nog while you do it! Happy Holidays!

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