Holiday Tea Party with Milo’s Tea

milo's tea

holiday tea party with Milo’s tea

milo's tea

milo's tea



When living with 4 people it can be difficult to agree on certain things especially when it comes to what to put in the fridge. Luckily, over the past two years, we have all found some common ground!

Lately, all we’ve seem to have had to drink has been water and milk. Boring. When it comes to the holidays, I feel like we’re always running around preparing for events, family, people to come over, dinner, and all the craziness that is our lives down here.

Nate and I are flying out tomorrow to visit family up north (Pennsylvania) for the first Thanksgiving we’ve spent with them since we moved down here in 2013. It’ll be so much fun and I can’t wait! Molly’s family will be flying down here from up north and will be cooking dinner for her and Rick, so it’ll be good for us both to spend some time with family.

This past weekend was my 30th birthday and so the past week has been spent tying up loose ends, getting through the work days before break, and basically picking up whatever we could for meals. Thus, our fridge has suffered some SERIOUS damage. Enter Milo’s Tea.

Sweet tea is the one thing I just couldn’t understand the south’s obsession with when I moved down here to Florida. It seemed that everytime we went out to dinner the restaurant would offer water, coffee, “Coke” (a.k.a pop or “soda”), and sweet tea. This blew my mind since the only sweet tea I’ve ever heard of can from a can in Country Fair. Now they were offering it in restaurants? Weird.

The first time I tasted sweet tea I thought to myself “umm, too much sugar…not for me”. As time went on, it grew on me and now I absolutely crave it!

I’ve always loved unsweetened tea with lots of lemon, so now I’ve been converted to sweet tea with the same garnishment. Love me some sweet tea.

I was really psyched to see that Milo’s Tea offers a no calorie option which is important to me since I tend to try not to drink my calories. I’m not a huge fan of all the gross additives and perservatives, which makes it tough when shopping for a no calorie drink that tastes good when I get bored of water (which is all the time). So, I was happy to find out that the Milo’s Tea Company uses only fresh, natural ingredients in their teas which makes it different than other beverages on the market.  The teas contain no preservatives and no additives.  

We were laughing the other day when the four of us had both kinds of Milo’s on the table for dinner (original and no calorie) and the original was out. No one wanted to try the no calorie but me so I felt confident I could hold on to this for quite some time without the threat of anyone stealing my tea from the fridge. Expect in a bought of laziness, the boys scooped up the no calorie version and said “well I guess it’s here, might as well try it”. No joke, they both loved it and couldn’t tell the difference. Never thought that would happen, but it does say a lot because the two of them won’t even sniff a diet soda!

We’ve been really getting into having sweet tea on deck in the fridge, especially when we’ve been having company around my birthday! Everyone down here loves it, so it was a natural fit to serve when friends came over this weekend.

It’s super affordable and right at the Walmart across from Nate’s work in Orlando, so we were really happy it’s nearby and convenient because we are absolutely going back for more this week. It’s been roommate tested and approved. Right now, you can buy 2 gallons of Milo’s Tea for just $5 on rollback (while supplies last). Kinda upset we only bought two, because in 3 days, both were gone.

I find myself reaching for it whenever I’m thirsty now. Move over Coke Zero, you’ve been replaced. Sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than sipping on some tea with some juicy lemon. Bonus points for the cute striped red straws we just scored. Weird obsession, I know but they just make everything a whole lot fanicier! 😉 Check them out on my favorite–Instagram–or Pinterest now!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Milo’s Tea, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #HolidaysWithMilos

2 Comments on Holiday Tea Party with Milo’s Tea

  1. Edwina
    November 24, 2015 at 12:58 pm (3 years ago)

    Beautiful pieces! Have a nice weekend!

    • Missy
      December 1, 2015 at 6:46 pm (3 years ago)

      Thank you Edwina, you too! 🙂

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