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Polka Dot Shorts- Warmer Weather

  • Tank was thrifted
  • Shorts from Wet Seal
  • Sandals from DSW
  • Belt from American Eagle
  • Necklace from Charlotte Russe
The polka dot shorts I featured yesterday are also very wearable in the summer heat. When paired with a black and white striped tank, it will not only keep you cool but stylish as you find another way to mix your prints. A brown waist belt really pulls the different patterns together and cinches your waist. The contrast of the color is classic and stands out nicely against the black. Match your shoes and you have an effortlessly chic look that you can don anywhere!

Photos by R Frank Photography http://www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography
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Information from First magazine

Polka Dot Shorts- Cooler Weather

  • Shorts from Wet Seal*Pop of value!
  • Wedge sandals & belt from a brand name retailer warehouse
  • Cardigan from Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Thrifted button down shirt
  • Necklace from Charlotte Russe
  • Bracelet from Aeropostale
I’m all about unusual shorts this summer. These high-waisted polka dot shorts seemed to hit the spot not only for style, but for air flow as well! They are incredibly light and breathable, making them perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming hot days in July. However, this particular outfit (the first of two I will post featuring these shorts) is perfect for those nights when its windy and cooler outside, however you could shed the cardigan and the outfit would still work with just the button down shirt. Fun shorts in a lightweight fabric like these are wearable in a dressy capacity, and can also be dressed down for casual occasions. I decided to mix prints, yet again, with these shorts, and add a checkered button down and neutral cardigan. I added the yellow belt, because I felt it needed a little pop of color to break up the (boring! haha) black and white.
Photos by R Frank Photography http://www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography
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  3. Pop in a cardio DVD for 24 minutes: Burns 103 calories
  4. Paint a room in your home for 33 minutes: Burns 102 calories
  5. Turn up the tunes and dance for 21 minutes: Burns 104 calories
  6. Walk at a moderate pace on a treadmill while watching TV for 30 minutes: Burns 102 calories
  7. Pedal on a stationary bike for 14 minutes: Burns 101 calories
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  9. Clean the house for 33 minutes: Burns 102 calories
  10. Do step aerobics on a six-inch step for 12 minutes: Burns 105 calories

Information from fitsugar.com

Marilyn and a Red Blazer

  • White jeans from Aeropostale
  • Wedge sandals from a brand name retail warehouse
  • Marilyn Monroe tee from Target
  • Vintage thrifted blazer
Bright blazers are fresh and fun this summer, they seem to brighten up everything! I found this red one a few weeks ago while thrifting and I couldn’t wait to see what potential it had in my wardrobe! I decided to go with my favorite tee shirt, a graphic printed Marilyn Monroe piece I’ve had for a few years and absolutely love. I figured her red lips would stand out from the greys in the tee and be picked up by the brightness of the blazer. I really wanted to showcase the bright hue so I paired the top and blazer with a classic white jean and black wedge sandals. This look is casual enough for some drinks, but chic enough to keep it stylish and interesting!
Photos by R Frank Photography http://www.facebook.com/rfrankphotography
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