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How To Organize Your Accessories- Tips I’ve Learned

1. My bracelets, rings, and earrings- Oh man you should have seen how ugly my organization was with my jewelry prior to last November! I’m telling ya earrings everywhere, I had no idea what I had! Thank God I got this earring rack for my birthday! I’m loving it (so much in fact, I just purchased another). It honestly makes a huge difference. I love being able to see all the earrings that I have everything I go to put together an outfit.

I’ve had this ring (dish?) forever. I’m starting to get more into rings (if you know me well, you know I’ll wear a ring for a couple hours then it’ll bug me and be put away in my purse only to be found two months later! I’m really into southwestern style rings (coral, turquoise, orange, rustic gold) and I’ve been finding really good deals on them lately, so I may have to invest in a new ring dish/tray/saucer/whatever soon. Again, it helps me to really see what the heck I have!

Bracelets were always the problem for me. I didn’t have a lot until this past year, and I just shoved them in random drawers until I realized that I never wear them because I can’t remember which drawer I put them in! Enter: paper towel holder. This is a genius idea that my mom actually came up with (although I’m sure she’s not the first haha) and it works perfectly! Definitely a low cost item that you may already have extra lying around the house.

2. Shoe display/book holders- Yeah, I’m a weirdo. Every time I get a new pair of shoes I keep them out to look at for a day or two because I’m so excited. See, told ya. In this case, I’ve been ‘displaying; my glitter open toe pumps that I bought for NYE and using them as a book holder on the headboard of my bed. I think I’ll keep them there. I love these shoes and I don’t want them getting lost in the shuffle that is my closet.

As far as my other shoes go- I have a rotating shoe holder for my sandals/summer/spring shoes and racks for my boots/heavier shoes. I keep this in the bottom of my closet. Maybe someday I won’t be embarrassed of the chaos ensuing in my closet and will take a picture for you. Maybe. One brilliant idea that I recently came across in shoe organization was to purchase an old video store rack. I saw this one in my local video store that was selling for $20 and I’m still considering buying it. The width of the racks are wide enough for any shoe, and it’s double-sided! I bet all together one could hold at least 35 pairs of shoes. Hmmmm.

At this point (since I have a slight obsession with boots) I keep the shoes I regularly wear during a season in the front of my shoe rack, lined up on the floor closest to the door. This way I don’t have to go digging for my go-to shoes that season. When the seasons change, I rotate the shoes and get rid of pairs that I know I won’t wear again.

3. Hats/Bags/Scarves- I recently cleaned the top of my closet to reveal (ta da!) tons of extra room for things I usually stuff wherever. Hats and scarves usually fall victim to this habit. So, what to do with all this extra room…hmmm…I stacked my hats according to type and got two old boot boxes out to organize my purses, scarves, and clutches! One box is for my scarves (lightweight, thick, and stoles), and the other is for my clutches and small handbags. I line my larger handbags up next to these boxes so that I can see what I have.

4. Necklaces/Watches/Headbands- A couple of years ago, I first knew that I had to start hanging up my necklaces if I was to avoid that super fun game where you take an hour to untangle a knot in your silver chain necklace. I honestly feel like I’m trying to figure out a Rubik’s cube when I’m doing this so I thought screw it- let’s hang up a tie rack! I love this idea because I can hang two necklaces on each peg and there are two rows of pegs to hang them from!

Worked perfectly…until…I went nuts and bought a ton of new necklaces last year. Oops. Luckily, I’ve been trolling stores for the perfect accessory rack and finally found one that was marked $5 down from $30 and snatched it up! (After Christmas sales are perfect for snagging these sorts of deals) This new rack has space for 100 pairs of earrings, a tray where I keep my watches, brooches, and pins, and hooks for 30 necklaces! Since the decorative metal detailing on the top of the rack has hooks too, I decided to hang my headbands and headscarves on it as well. I absolutely love this thing! I hung these racks right above my desk so that when I’m putting on my makeup I can also decide what jewelry to wear. I love having everything central- guess I’m a little O.C.D. in this way…

5. Lastly, I just wanted to show you guys one of my latest thrift finds! I purchased this Dooney and Burke leather messenger bag for an outrageous discount last week at a new thrift store near where I go to grad school. No joke, I also found high-waisted black silk Prada pants the very same day! Definitely going back!

Red, Pink & Leather with Easy Updo

Sweater from AE, Watch from Charming Charlie, Tee from Papaya Clothing, Leather shorts/tights/booties from Marshalls
 In preparation for Valentine’s Day, I’ve been donning the color combination of red and pink a lot lately. When I first experienced it last spring, I wasn’t so sure I was a fan. But ever since seeing starts like Emma Stone and SJP wearing the infamous color combo, I was sold.
I’ve had this sweater forever, but honestly have never worn it. It may be because of the neon green stitching, who knows. Oh well, I figured if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and so I tried to play along with the neon green to make it work. This green distressed tee is another piece I’ve had forever, and it felt great to wear it again. Feels like pajamas!
One thing I always like doing when I wear brights, is to offset them with some sort of anchoring color like black, white, or another neutral. In this case, I mixed black and white. What do you guys think of red and pink together? Would you wear it?
Anyways, I’m attempting to teach myself how to do some hairstyles. Since I am incredibly inept in the hair department, this is going to take some practice. Thank God for Pinterest! Ladies, I know you hear me on that one! I have gathered hundreds of hair inspiration photos there and have been trying to re-create a few and put my own spin on a few each week.
So, in an effort to try to become more hairstyle-savvy, you’re going to start to see some different dos in my upcoming posts! I’ve always wanted to be better at this, so I guess this is me working on a New Year’s resolution! 🙂 Let me know what you think of the tutorial below!
I created this double top knot hairstyle a few days ago when I was attempting to re-create this. Halfway through, I realized that with my layers and length of hair, my inspiration photo is not what this is going to end up looking like, so I took a different route. It’s actually really do-able! Here’s how I did it:
  • Gather front section of hair and backcomb.
  • Pin into a small pouf and secure with bobby pins, spray with lighthold hairspray to make sure it stays put.
  • Take the ends that are left from the hair you’ve just pinned and pull into a little ponytail; tie with hairband.
  • From the hair that’s left, divide into 3 sections: one section from the right, one from the left, and one from the bottom.
  • Pull each into a tight ponytail, making sure the hair is combed flat with no bumps.
  • Secure each of the small ponytails next to each other (all together they should be in the shape of a “v”), but underneath the ponytail you’ve already tied (the original one). The smaller ponytails should be tied to be hidden underneath the main ponytail you’ve already tied.
  • Take the ponytails from the right and left and cross them in an “x”.
  • Pin the “x” underneath the main ponytail. (Leave the bottom ponytail lay as is (it should be joining in with the hair from the original ponytail).
  • Take one side of the hair from the “x” and wrap it around the main ponytail. Secure ends underneath with pins.
  • Do the same with the hair from the other “x”, making sure to cover any hair ties that may be showing.
  • Pin all remaining loose ends underneath.
  • Finish with lighthold hairspray.
Below is what it should look like! Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see it done in a video 🙂 I would be happy to help!

Coral & Fuschia with a Hairstyle How-To

Thrifted silk top, Pants from Marshalls, Steve Madden wedges, AE belt, Steve Madden clutch, Necklace from Body Central
I tried this hairstyle for the first time the other day and I absolutely love it! Best of all: it’s so easy! Here’s how to do it:
  • Start with unwashed hair (best for the texture) and don’t add any product.
  • Section off a part of your hair extending from one inch to the outside of each eye and backcomb.
  • Make the section into a pouf and secure with bobby pins.
  • Take the hair that remains from what you pinned and gather that.
  • Combine this section of hair with pieces of hair to the right and left of that section (approximately 2 inches on each side) and backcomb entire section.
  • Make a smaller pouf and pin this section as well.
  • Gather all of the hair that remains and loosely pull back into a low ponytail at the base of your neck.
  • Fasten with a hairband, and take a 1/2” section of hair from the pony to wrap around the band.
  • Take 2 bobby pins and pin the end of the hair that wrapped around the band underneath the pony.
  • Finish with lighthold hairspray.
This hairdo is so insanely easy, I call it my “didn’t wash my hair” look. haha! Honestly, it’s much easier to achieve this look when your hair hasn’t been washed for a day. If you have thin hair like mine, it gives it some much needed texture that helps when you’re trying to get some volume in the “poufs”. Let me know if you tried this and how it worked out for you!
I’m a sucker for warm weather, but we haven’t been getting a lot lately. Guess I shouldn’t complain too much, we’ve only gotten about 21 inches of snow this entire winter which for us is excellent! So because I couldn’t wait for spring to get here, I wanted to colorblock with extremely bright colors! I just bought these pants the other day from Marshalls for $7 (they’re still on sale now!) and I fell in love with them! Such a nice hue that crosses between neon and pastel.
The very same day, I went thrifting and found this fuchsia silk button down shirt. Of course I’m hitting it up on Wednesday because everything’s half off! Couldn’t believe I scored this for $2. It’s so soft and the color is perfect. I can’t wait to layer this under practically everything!
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I announced some exciting news yesterday! I am so thrilled to tell you that Marshalls called and they are now a sponsor of Pop of Style! I can’t wait to share with you all of the wonderful brand name handbags, shoes, accessories, and clothing that they have to offer for reasonable prices. I, myself, shop there quite often and you can’t beat the prices.
Hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing weekend!
And even though it’s Monday, remember…
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