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Military Vest + Buffalo Check

military vest fashion

military vest

camo flats


Happy weekend everybody! I’m sure enjoying the end to this long and trying week, myself. It’s been a rough one and thoughts of relaxation and unwinding are so appealing right now. Even as I write this, I admit I’m sitting here in my pajamas about to watch Breaking Bad and just ate some delicious pizza.

To me, there’s rarely something better to do on a Friday night besides those things. Hopefully you all had a wonderful week. What did you do?

I was so happy Nate and I were able to meet up with some of our Pennsylvania friends in Orlando last night. We went to Tommy Bahamas Restaurant and Bar (p.s. had NO idea it was also a restaurant/bar) and dinner was delicious! It was so nice getting to catch up with friends from home. What better way to start a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

I wore this outfit yesterday to work when I knew I had to layer. It was the first time I’ve actually had to scrape this crap we call “frost” off my windshield and it wouldn’t come off with just a lazy flick of windshield wiper fluid. Oh well, can’t say I didn’t try! Didn’t I move down south to get away from this?! Good thing it’s not long-lived around here. Today it was nicer, but I still haven’t been able to ride my new cruiser around yet. (P.S. I bought a bike –beach cruiser I guess, technically–) I’m so thrilled to finally get to ride it. I think it will be a nice way to unwind and sneak in some extra exercise.

Outfit: Pants via Marshalls Similar here| Flats via Old Navy Similar here and here for $17| Buffalo check shirt c/o Old Navy| Similar vest for $15| Necklace c/o Loopsway


I love this quote. We all need to be reminded to only fill our heads with positive thoughts because not only is negativity worthless, but it’s intoxicating to your well-being. The more you put yourself down, the harder it is for you to escape those thoughts in your every day life. Have a great weekend!

Anchors Away

j crew excursion vest

j crew excursion vest

j crew excursion vest

j crew excursion vest




I’ve always loved nautical themed pieces, so this button down was a natural obsession.  Recently, I finally got my hands on this J Crew excursion vest! I’m so happy, I’ve had my eye on this baby for a long time now. It happened just in the nick of time too, although most people believe that Florida never gets cold, I’m here to tell you that that is just not true.

Back to work tomorrow! I’ve enjoyed having an extra long weekend. It was good to get writing again and have some time to myself. 4 day week here I come! Hope you all had a nice weekend 🙂

Outfit: Anchor shirt c/o Old Navy| J Crew excursion vest| JLo jeans| Boots c/o CCorso Como| Earrings c/o Lipstick Rose

Indochino Event with Orlando Magic


aindochinoevent9 aindochino49








I attended this amazing event Thursday night in downtown Orlando and I had to tell you about it!  Indochino, a men’s traveling tailor hailing from Canada, is currently in Orlando for one week only to provide men affordable cutom made suits.

Partnering with the Orlando Magic, we got to see forward Kyle O’Quinn and several stylists and tailors along with their fabulous spread of amazing color, texture, and print mash ups (see above!). I was loving the print mixing going on!

The event was a kick off to Indochino’s pop up store (only their 4th) in Orlando at the Church St. Exchange being held by appointment only from the 17th to the 26th. See here to make an appointment. Traveling Tailor Orlando hours are: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. weekdays, Saturdays 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

“Indochino is all about helping guys get dressed to look and feel great. Partnering with a beloved brand like the Orlando Magic is another way to give our customers the VIP treatment,” explains Kyle Vucko, Indochino Co-Founder and CEO. “We wanted to make our first visit to Florida all about a premium experience for new and existing customers.” And style, they did. You wouldn’t believe the amount of men getting fitted for these dapper custom suits. Starting at $450 a pop, it’s a steal. And if O’quinn’s suit was any indicator, these guys can work with ANYBODY to make a suit that looks absolutely amazing in all the right places.

So, if your man is in the market for a custom suit and you’re in the Orlando area. Definitely check them out this week!