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Quick & Dirty Cleaning Tips for New Movers

cleaning tips for new movers\ cleaning tips for new movers cleaning tips for new movers cleaning tips for new movers

cleaning tips for new movers

cleaning tips for new movers

Hey everyone! Guess what…it’s wedding week!!!! How did this happen? It feels like only yesterday we were getting engaged…14 months have never gone by so fast. Of course with the wedding comes plenty of house guests so we needed to get the house into top shape. We ran (okay drove) down to Walmart to grab some essentials for the quick clean up help we needed.

First off, we absolutely had to get this Febreeze Unstopables™ for all the things we couldn’t wash like the couches and the carpet. Our little Henna also has her dog bed in the living  room that can start to smell a bit. Unstopables makes it smell like fresh laundry…I almost tried to take a nap on it.

As you could imagine, our laundry has piled up quite high in the past couple of weeks with all the planning, working, and guest-prepping! The poor puppy has had to pretty much fall asleep on piles of ridiculousness since we’re so behind!

We looked into Tide PODS ® for a quick fix — the 3-in-1 laundry solution consists of a detergent, stain remover and brightener all at once, which we’ve never tried before and worked insanely well! Definitely a tip to follow: use 2 for loads that are a little on the larger side to make them smell super fresh. Honestly, not going back to regular detergent after these babies–I should’ve listened to my best friend from the start when she told me they were the best!

Siince we had to clean the ENTIRE living room (oh, the perks of owning a home!) we had to include our new bar! Bounty® paper towels worked well with our multi-surface cleaner to take away citrus stains and rings from wet whiskey glasses. Best part? Only needed 4 to get the job done. Cheers to not buying the cheapies!

Finally, my favorite to clean (yeah, I mean if I had to have a favorite)–the kitchen. I don’t really love the actual process of cleaning the kitchen, but the satisfaction of seeing a clean floor, dish-free sink/dishwasher, and spotless stainless steel appliances (ooo-rahh!) really gets me revved.

The Swiffer®  was probably one of our favorite wedding shower gifts because it’s really convenient and smells incredibly fresh (with no mess). We don’t have a whole lot of tile in the kitchen and this works well to get the weird edges and corners cleaned.

My number one tip would probably be to clean before you move your boxes in because no matter how clean it looks, you never really know and you’ll feel so much better getting it out of the way prior to unpacking.

Nate and I cleaned thoroughly before the big “box move-in” day and I was so happy because by the time we finished bringing the last box in, all we wanted to do was crash on the couch and watch a movie.

Since we’ve moved in, we made it a point to create a little mini-schedule to make sure that every Saturday morning (give or take a few days) we clean SOME aspect of the house. Usually, this is how it’s been going:

Week 1: floorboards, kitchen, dusting, fridge

Week 2: vacuuming, laundry, kitchen, oven, pantry

Week 3: bathrooms, kitchen, vents/fans, garage

Week 4: furniture, kitchen, pool area, vacuuming, laundry

Of course that’s just a rough outline, but we try to make it a priority to keep the kitchen clean (including a regular thorough cleaning of the pantry and frige to keep things fresh) and vacuum pretty regularly.

What’s your schedule like? I can always use pointers since we are new homeowners!

Which products are your go-tos?

If you’re looking for a quick fix try the new home clean collection!


  • DISCLOSURE: We were provided products to try out during our cleaning process. All opinions are 100% my own.



close up watercolor dress

closet london watercolor dress 4

blue lace up heels

closet london watercolor dress 7

closet london watercolor dress 8

closet london watercolor dress 88

Outfit: Watercolor dress c/o Closet London | Steve madden lace up sandals | Monogram necklace c/o Jane Basch Jewelry | Earrings via Marley Lilly  {sold out, but you can find them here} | Rebecca Minkoff mini mab tote | J Crew sunglasses 

How fun is this dress? It’s the kind that you could twirl around in all day! Dresses like this are so fun to accessorize because the color possibilities are so vast.

This time, I went with one of my favorite pairs of summer sandals, these Steve Madden lace-ups, some pretty pink tassel earrings (so on-trend this season!), and my new monogram necklace complete with my NEW initials (shhh)! I shouldn’t be wearing them yet because we don’t get married until next Friday, but I couldn’t resist!

I’m going to be out of commission for a little while due to a procedure for my stomach issues…I go in tomorrow–wish me luck! I am a little nervous but I know it’ll be worth it to find out what exactly is going on so I can get some help healing. It has to start somewhere!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Athleisure: Pharrell Williams for Adidas

Pharrell Williams for Adidas 7

Pharrell Williams for Adidas 3

Pharrell Williams for Adidas 4

Pharrell Williams for Adidas 6

Pharrell Williams for Adidas

Outfit: Pharrell Williams for Adidas crop top c/o SIX:02 | Adidas track pants c/o SIX:02 | Nike Air Max Thea c/o SIX:02 | Vanessa Mooney bolo choker c/o ShopBop

I’ve been getting really into “athleisure” lately! Why not marry the idea of leisure with classically-cool athletic wear?

There’s something about these Adidas warm up pants that make you want to lounge around all day. I love the way they fit and how they look just as stylish running errands as they do when working out.

P.S. how fun is the new Pharrell William’s line for Adidas?! I’m over here singing “because I’m happppppyyyy” as I look at all the new fun designs on every piece! My crop top has little surf boards, how can you beat that?!

I’m also loving this tee  and this adorable bomber!

SIX:02 at Millenia is fast becoming my go-to for athleisure wear and what’s even better is that I joined their “club” to get extra discounts–wooohoo!

This company not only talks the talk but also walks the walk–they just celebrated “SIX:02 Week” in early June, offering in-store workouts, events and rewards at all stores across the country! It’s so nice to see a company that actual believes in their products. The girls I worked with in store were nothing but nice and super helpful–we had a blast as I tried on pretty much the entire store.

Have you taken the dive into the athleisure trend yet? Would you?