September 2016 archive

Denim & Camo

jean jacket & camo

Inspired by LikeToKnow.It’s weekly emails, I decided to style camo this week. I love getting to reuse & recycle pieces I’ve had for awhile. I figure–if you keep it long enough, it’ll eventually come back in style! Well…maybe I shouldn’t keep everything–my closet is pretty stuff and I seem to always be having that “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” scenario going on. (more…)

The Dragon Shandy

dragonfruit drink

We’re back with another great drink recipe! I don’t know if the rest of you have noticed, but the shandy is really catching on. It only takes a quick walk down the beer aisle to see that everyone is making them now (I even saw a pumpkin spice one…how original). Then it hit me: why not make your own?? And why not make it AWESOME?! So here we go, let’s make a Dragon Shandy! (more…)