February 27th 2019 archive

What I’m Buying for My Trip to Italy + a Huge Sale!


Hi ya’ll! I am so excited for summer–I mean, besides the obvious reasons, Nate and I are journeying to Italy in June! This will be my first time back to Europe since 2002 and Nate’s first time to Europe ever. Now you might think we’re crazy, but we’ve decided to bring only a backpack. I have literally never gone on a trip to anywhere without lots of luggage so this will definitely be a challenge for me.

The tickets I was able to score would make for a second time going through customs and re-checking baggage, so we opted to go with a carry-on only. But what do you pack for 10 days in Italy when you only have a backpack? I took to my friends, blogs, Facebook groups, and family members for advice.

One of the most common pieces of advice I was given was to pack only a few dresses in fabrics that wouldn’t wrinkle too badly that would be versatile enough to rewear. Obviously this meant that I had to go shopping.

Another thing to think about was how we were going to do with traveling around the cities all day–I didn’t want to bring a heavy purse and I want my hands to be free while I explore everything Italy has to offer. I opted to go with this Marc Jacobs mini backpack that is big enough to store a water bottle, cardigan, phone, keys, wallet, etc. Bonus–it was on sale and comes in different colors!

One of my friends who frequently travels to Europe, reminded me that I need to wear sleeves and skirts/dresses to the knee or below when visiting holy places like churches. This changed my outlook, because now I think I’m going to go with maxi and midi dresses that I can change up with some jewelry and drape a light jacket over if need be. Here’s one I just bought for 50% off that just screams “Venice”!

Any advice on what you’ve packed for a similar trip or how to pack in a carry-on only would be greatly appreciated!

So far on my list:

A sun hat

Maxi and midi dresses

A versatile bralette

Mini backpack

Statement earrings

Light pajamas

A pair of denim shorts

Neutral sneakers for pairing with dresses and shorts

Comfortable walking sandals

Colorful hair ties

A light jumpsuit or romper

Collapsible water bottle

A light top that goes with everything

Comfortable leggings

Denim jacket


Luckily, Shopbop is having an amazing sale where you buy more, get more and if you know me in person, I’ve probably talked your ear off about it at some point. In fact, the majority of the pieces I get compliments on are from here. I love stocking up here when the sales are this good! Best part is if you have Amazon, you can log in with your account and get free two day shipping…YAS QUEEN. The sale is on until March 2nd at 8:59pm EST. DON’T MISS OUT! Let me know if you need suggestions, I’ve been buying from them for years!


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