Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

unique bridesmaid gifts

Life by Definition Wine Glasses // Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin // Gin & Tonic Carry On Cocktail Kit // I’ll Be There Necklace  // Chakra Bath Salts Set // Agate Coasters // Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

I can’t believe we have less than a month until we get married! My mom has been here this week helping us with some last minute errands. We’ve been doing a lot lately to check the little things off our list and I’m so thankful she made the trip down to help us out.

We finalized the timeline and music with our awesome DJ–Kristin of Our DJ Rocks earlier this week, finalized things at the venue with our wedding coordinator, and rounded the week out with our last meeting with the caterer.

It’s all coming together so well and it seems like just yesterday we got engaged. Hard to believe it’s been 14 months since then! Only a few more things on the old “to-do list” we have left to accomplish and one of them would include finishing out the bridesmaids’ gifts! I’m about half done and looking for that “wow” factor to give to my girls to show them how much I appreciate all of their love and support throughout all of this.

I’ve been browsing for months (let’s get real, I’m a huge online shopper so I loved it) trying to find the perfect gift and I came across this website Uncommon Goods where they have tons of unique bridesmaid gifts to fit all types of girls.

I thought I’d put together my favorites to share in case it helps anyone else getting married this summer!

Personally, if I were a bridesmaid I would love the gin & tonic carry on cocktail kit since I fly so much (and gin & tonic is my jam) or the spa experience in a tin because who doesn’t love a relaxing night in after a hard week?

Having recently purchased a house, I find myself intrigued by conversational home decor pieces so naturally I was attracted to these agate coasters! They’re so colorful and interesting!

For a more personal touch, the “I’ll be there” necklace works wonders for anyone. The adorable message is personalized and touching–the perfect keepsake for the women in your life.

The major scale musical wine glasses are just awesome in general because I start thinking about Gracie Lou Freebush playing the glasses in Miss Congeniality and start cracking up. Sometimes girls need to act like kids again (while enjoying a little vino).

So many unique bridesmaid gifts at a wide range of prices, my only issue is deciding! I see one thing and think “that’s definitely it” then go ahead and change my mind the more I browse. P.S. wouldn’t mind getting literally ANYTHING on this list for the wedding either! Loving these creative pieces.

What are you guys thinking? What have you gone with for bridesmaids’ gifts? Would you try a unique gift? I would love some feedback 🙂

Enjoy your long weekend!


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