How to Wear Pantone’s Color of the Year (for under $100)



Pantone has announced their color of the year and this year…(drum roll please) the color is “greenery”! What does it symbolize & how can we wear it (and for under $100)?

A soft yellow-green, the shade is symbolic of new beginnings. Fitting, because at the turn of the new year we all tend to want to “reinvent” ourselves.

With positive changes and optimism on the horizon, it couldn’t hurt to sport the color (affordably, of course) to increase your power of attraction.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, “greenery” is nature’s neutral. It’ll take some getting used to thinking of it this way, but I figure leopard’s a neutral (in my book) so how hard can it be?

The key here is color pairing. Colors aren’t as scary to wear when you know their complements. This light green can work to refresh some basics in your wardrobe as you bridge the gap from winter to spring and beyond.

According to, there are several ways to pair the color! You know how they say don’t buy something unless you can think of 3 different things you already have to wear with it? Problem solved! They have several color palettes that reflect each level of risk-taking as well as varying personalities.

My favorite?

Color of the Year 2017 - Color Pairings and Palettes

I just love the earthy feel here combined with the structural anchoring color of silver blue.

Here are my favorite picks for under $100!


These items are easy to add to a base of colors and pieces you already have like simple blue jeans or to brighten up a tan blazer. I’m really loving greenery incorporated within shoes this year! Such a fresh idea that will make your wardrobe pop against neutrals!

The possibilities are endless! How do you feel about this year’s color of the year? Do you think you’ll be incorporating it into your wardrobe at all? Which pieces are your favorite?

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