Perfect Never + Camo With a Twist

reebok women

So awesome news–we recently got a little workout area with outdoor fitness equipment put into our “common area” of the neighborhood! I had no idea it was coming, but Nate and I have been incorporating them into our workout routine and it has been nice to switch it up!

Reebok Women

Calf raises have been a lot more fun since I got my new kicks! I’m really feelin’ the sock-like upper material–fits my foot like a glove. The running tights keep me cool while reducing sweat and other moisture while I workout which definitely helps.

reebok women

While Florida weather is naturally unpredictable, layers are key. I like that the new Reebok cardio crop shirt  doubles as a supportive bra. With the zip in front, I feel good about layering it with other tops and would also opt to wear it alone when the weather breaks.

reebok women

My absolute favorite part of this fall to winter look would be the versatile jacket. This oversized lightweight parka combines fashion with function. The woven fabric provides added warmth without the added bulk. The trendy camo & metallic graphic print blend works with this season’s athleisure trend as I could totally see myself layering it up with a gray hoodie or leather leggings and casual sneakers.

Luckily when I wore it the other day to rock out a new workout, I had it on over top of the crop shirt/bra to ward off the rain! It didn’t get too hot or overwhelming during our cardio, either–perfect!

Sidenote: definitely check out Reebok’s Perfect Never campaign as it has a message that really resounds. Perfect Never always strives to be better yet accepts themselves and their own individual beauty over the course of the journey. With pieces designed to work for you during a workout as well as with other pieces for street fashion; they serve a dual purpose, making them well worth a second look.

Honestly, their leggings have become my new favorite go-to when working out because I haven’t had to constantly pull them up or worry about them pilling. They keep me cool and aren’t too long like most of the others I own. I’m already finding ways to incorporate this awesome jacket into my weekend looks and will be sharing soon!


Outfit: Cardio woven jacket c/o Reebok | Cardio zip crop shirt c/o Reebok | Mesh moves legging c/o Reebok | Hayasu sneaker c/o Reebok

**This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.

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