Happy Birthday ‘Merica + My Brother

what to wear for the fourth of july

what to wear for the fourth of july

what to wear for the fourth of july




Happy Fourth of July and my brother’s birthday! Each year we are so blessed to have family around to celebrate his birthday and this year was no different. Even though our little “family” is far from where we’ve started; we’ve overcome some great obstacles to move down to Florida and start our new lives here with each one of us helping the other along every step of the way.

The Fourth was a little different this year–it was our first one without a big family/friends party back in PA. Although different, we did have a great time. We spent our day off together making pancakes for breakfast, opening gifts, biking, swimming, grilling out, watching soccer, and watching fireworks at the even at Lake Eva. We had such a blast! Felt just like a little carnival–and that, is what we’re used to! 🙂

Hope you all had a great day today filled with relaxation, yummy grilled goodness and laughs with family and friends. We sure did.

As for my outfit, I saw this tie-dyed maxi skirt in Erie at Marshalls and knew I had to make it mine. I’ve had this sequined American flag crop top from Victoria’s Secret here for quite some time and it’s one of those tops that you keep on deck, ready for this special occasion. Either way, the higher maxi skirt compensated for the shortness of the crop top and I was able to pair both together and offset the red and blue by adding a bit of a boho touch with this pendant necklace. I felt like I had a crystal ball under that skirt and that at any moment I could start reading people’s fortune’s at that carnival. Probably should have–Lord knows I could have used the money with the price of food/drinks being what they were down there.

Have a great rest of your weekend and stay safe! 🙂


Outfit: Victoria’s Secret PINK tank| Skirt via Marshalls {almost identical one here}| Necklace via Forever 21 {similiar here}| Sandals c/o Marshalls| Michael Kors bag c/o Marshalls

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