What To Wear When Holiday Traveling

what to where when holiday traveling

what to where when holiday traveling

what to where when holiday traveling

what to where when holiday traveling

what to where when holiday traveling

Outfit: Chevron Stripe Longline Cardigan Sweater [I wore as a coat] via Forever 21 | Joe’s Jeans c/o FitCode | Hat via AE [similar here] | Via Spiga Boots via TJ Maxx [similar here & here] | Michael Kors turtleneck tunic [similar here] | Adia Kabur earrings | Madewell ring | Michael Kors watch | Kate Spade handbag [similar here]

Missy- 1, Weight Gain- 0 [well, sort of]. This past week was spent at home for the holidays and recuperating from the obligatory Thanksgiving weight gain hasn’t been as hard as it had originally seemed. There’s just something about mom’s cooking that makes me not care whatsoever about the weight I may be gaining during consumption. Thankfully, the old bird didn’t one up me this year and I’ve been able to lose all but one pound that I gained while at home binge eating with family and friends.

While home, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my very good friends, Rob Frank of R. Frank Photography  who was able to meet with me to shoot the jeans that I pretty much lived in that week!

The jeans, a pair I’ve selected with help from FitCode [a revolutionary online shopping boutique that offers a fit quiz to help you select the jeans that’ll look best on you], are the perfect mix of trend & utility.

I’ve been on the prowl for a pair of great-fitting black jeans that also had blown out holes in the knees (I know…I’m so basic, right?). There’s only one problem (okay, two)– all pairs I’ve tried don’t fit my larger thighs right and are invariably too short! Now, I don’t fancy myself a shorty (I’m 5’6”), but it seems that the denim world seems to favor model-esque women who are about as tall as the Chrysler building. Good for them, bad for me.

I’m not a huge fan of running into the city each time I’m drooling over a new gotta-have-it piece; so I tend to take to the ‘net for some healthy browsing when the fever strikes. When I found FitCode, I may have busted out a few fist pumps, because they actually show you what someone with your build, height, booty, and curves would look like in that particular pair of jeans. Holy crap, I’m sold.

You know those days when you’re browsing a catalog and you see a top or pair of jeans and you think to yourself “hell yes, that’s hot!” and you order it. A week later you’re staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror while swearing off the ‘caramel devil pretzel things’ you binge ate last night (and this morning).

Point is, not every style looks so stellar on every body–and that’s okay. But let’s get real–it’d be nice to know what does & doesn’t prior to dumping a good chunk of your paycheck on new clothes.

I’m not going to lie, I went through about ten pairs using the virtual try on tool before finding a pair that I new would fit & flatter, but when I landed on this partially-stretchy, on-trend, and diverse pair of Joe’s Jeans; I knew they’d be keepers. Give FitCode a try if you have this same issue I have, you won’t be dissapointed (especially since they have so many popular brands).

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