Reebok “Perfect Never”

Reebok Perfect Never

Getting back into the swing of things post-wedding has been a challenge for me in terms of fitness which is why the new Reebok “Perfect Never” campaign resonates so much with me. It’s important to remember that none of us are perfect, but that we should always strive to become more improved and better versions of ourselves.Reebok Perfect Never

The new Reebok “Perfect Never” line has some of the cutest pieces I’ve seen in fitness fashion a long time, with silhouettes that parallel trends seen on the runway and in street style as well. This vest can be worn multiple ways from zipped all the way up to keep necks warm (like what I needed during my trip up to PA this past weekend) to sleeveless and folded down to keep cool in Florida’s “Indian summer”.

Reebok Perfect Never

When it gets cooler, I layer mine with a zip up fleece and the collection’s stylish dance strappy sports bra (I’m excited to sport it this summer without the vest when it starts getting REALLY hot!). This past weekend, I layered my high-waist cardio pants with a zip up fleece, and the vest zipped all the way to the top because it got down in the mid 30s! Yikes!

Reebok Perfect Never

At under $100, the Reebok Hayasu are reasonably priced running shoes that couldn’t be more comfortable if they tried. The tops around the ankle feel like socks and the soles are light and have padding for supportive cushioning.

Reebok Perfect Never

Outfit: Reebok Hayasu sneakers | Cardio tights | Dance Strappy Bra | Quik cotton vest

I’ve been working to switch up my workout routine lately so I stay fit and active when life starts getting busier around the holidays. I want to train myself to want to work out rather than just to bear it. So, I’ve been trying out yoga (this bra is perfect for that and so are the high-waisted pants!), jogging, walking the dog, hiking, and biking. The pieces in this collection work well to intermix with other pieces for new and fresh looks.

For those of you who have been following me, you know that I’m starting to become a huge fan of the “athleisure” trend where you incorporate fitness fashion pieces into daily street style looks. I could totally see me donning these running shoes with a pair of cropped skinnies, leather pants, or shorts–and definitely will be wearing this super cute sports bra as a statement piece underneath fall’s more open tops.

And after all was said and done & workout completed, I had to freshen them up because I may have stunk them up and got them a bit too muddy.

I spot cleaned and threw them in my dryer after the long haul to be delicately dry-cleaned with Dryel’s booster spray and ultra-cleaning cloth. I’m finding so many uses for this product; I’m loving it! It cleans virtually anything in a pinch and is incredibly cheap to use (25 cents a use!). Gotta love that savings. I make sure to put the dryer on low heat to freshen up my kicks and then I’m off to the races. (see what I did there? haha)

**This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.

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