Trip to Tennessee + The Best Online Sale!

We had an unbelievably amazing time in Tennessee with our friends a few weeks ago. We went to Nashville for Halloween then drove to the Smoky Mountains (Gatlinburg) the very next day. Our cabin was ridiculously high up and the view was spectacular (as you can see above!). I couldn’t believe how many trees were changing color! Seeing something like that that you haven’t had the privilege of seeing in years was an indescribable experience. We had been craving the “fall experience” for awhile now so planning this trip seemed like the perfect way to get to do so in the most quintessential way. (more…)

Fall Fashion Must Haves

Five days into fall and I’m already showing you my 5 “Fashion Must Haves“. But just hear me out–while you may be rolling your eyes thinking “do I really have to go out and buy new things?” some of us secretly love it and it’s our job to sing it from the rooftops and hope that maybe you’ll let out a squeal or two if you find something you happen to love.

But what can I say? I’m psyched that this season is finally here because not only is it my favorite season for fashion, but I’ve adored the fall season ever since I was old enough to jump from the top of the picnic table into a huge pile of leaves my dad raked in our backyard.

So without further adieu, here is the list of the top five fall fashion must haves [according to me at least].

Check, Please!

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The menswear trend gets a feminine makeover with tailored jackets and paper-bag pants this season. Although this isn’t the first time hound sooth hopped onto the scene, checks are wreckin’ me with the need to spend that cash on these cool pieces. Among my favorites–this over-sized checked blazer, this bow-adorned mules, and these statement-making pants!

Boot Scootin’

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All right maybe I should’ve picked a more original piece, but we all know booties are the gift that keeps on giving every year. And each year, designers come up with more and more ways to outdo themselves. This year, I’m obsessed with booties with laser cut out details and embellishments like tassels and jewels.

Denim Details

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At this point, you might be noticing a trend…I’m finding that the older I get, the more necessary I feel it is for me to invest in great quality pieces that fit like a dream. And I know many of you are thinking “OK, jeans are jeans are jeans…what’s the big deal?”. Well, honestly there isn’t much to be said other than the fact that every woman must go through their light bulb-above-the-head-angels-singing “AHA” moment before they finally realize how good it is to find a pair of jeans that are made exceptionally well, fit like they were made for you, and feel out of this world. As you could probably guess, I’ve recently experienced said moment and I swear God came down and winked at me while saying “told ya”.

The years of buying cheap jeans that “kinda” fit and faded, frayed quickly, and stretched out seemed all at once exhausting and completely unnecessary. As much as we hate to bite the bullet when paying for good jeans, I’m here to tell you that it’s most definitely worth it. Take it from a 32 year old who spent 31 and a half years believing $15 jeans had to be the same thing. They’re not–and my shapely/lifted ass and I can attest to that fact. So do yourself a favor and at least try a pair on. I now know that there actually is a HUGE difference. Brand that are working for my pear shape? Good American, Joe’s Jeans, and Agolde.

Varsity Vixen

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Maybe it’s the chill in the air, the football games, and the fact that it’s Homecoming Week at my school that’s got me feeling all nostalgic, but I’m really into anything with a “varsity vibe” right now. From the classic jewel tones to the mixed media bombers, I want it all this fall.

Loafin’ Around

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I may have just been in recovery from a loafer binge. I have acquired so many pairs of loafers lately and never stopped to think that maybe that was an odd obsession. Either way, they never go out of style, are incredibly polished and professional, and now come in so many textures with so many embellishments that it’s only feeding into my habit. Oh well, can’t win ’em all!


Also, I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t share with you this out of control sale that’s going on on right now…for two more days, you can get up to 25% off on your order (plus that free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member!). I just got two separate packages because I had to go back and buy more–that’s how nuts this is. And they just arrived today, so I’m going to go try them on–I’ll keep you guys posted!

Which trend are you thinking you’ll try? Let me know in the comments! And if you ever need help finding a piece, I’m more than happy to help–seriously I’m a weirdo and love doing it.

Getting Real

Outfit: Aloha Weekend Tee via JCP ($6.99!!) | Steve Madden wedges | Levi’s white jeans | Earrings via Amazon | Clutch via Amazon

First off, I’d like to give a huge shout out to a few special people who reached out after my last post. It was honestly overwhelming to hear from you and know that you support me; specifically, a friend from my past who reached out to share similar experiences–I can’t thank this person enough for empathizing with me and letting me know I’m not alone.  I’ve been silent about this for a long time and I know I shouldn’t have been.

Straight off, it’s difficult to decide how or even if I should relay any part of my personal day-to-day real life with anyone who happens to read Pop of Style. Yes, it’s me coming through the words every time I type, but in the past it’s been a desensitized happier version of me who often speaks through clothes and lines of eternal positivity. While that might be refreshing for some, it’s caused quite a rift within myself.

I’m thankful that this blog has provided me with an outlet for creativity and sharing, but in the past week I’ve realized that it has the potential to be much more than that. A decent portion of happiness for me for the 7 years I’ve been publishing this website has been the inspiration I’ve found through clothing and the high I get from sharing my finds with others. It’s easy to get caught up in all that entails, which unfortunately in this realm, can include a warped sense of self-image. Admittedly, I’ve allowed myself to fall through the cracks of optimism into a world where I breakdown at any sight of my own weakness both mentally and physically. Now that I’ve glossed over my recent struggles with depression, anxiety, and panic disorder I feel like I am free to discuss ALL aspects of who I am, not just the person you see smiling and posing in pictures.

As my husband knows all too well, what it takes to get from point A to point B with photos is laborious and not exactly the most conducive activity for positive relationship building. God bless him–he puts up with my constant bitching and moaning about how awful I think I look and how obvious it is when I’ve had a tough day and it’s written all over my face for a photo.

Truth time: we took these photos on Friday. Expectations? To have them up on the website Friday evening so that I could “ring in the weekend” with my new $7 tank find. Reality? We took a series of full length photos I was so excited for due to their being taken in such a gorgeous location. 5 minutes in, my husband showed me them as he always does before we move on to the next pose and I walked away to sit by the fountain in Celebration with tears streaming down my face. I felt (and still feel) defeated. What I see now is so far from what I saw before and it reminds me of all I’ve pushed through over the past 10 months. And while I do believe I am “over the hump” of the worst, dealing with the fallout from my treatment reminds me of a journey I’d rather forget.

In the end, I’ve decided to post these pictures because this is still an outfit I was excited to put together and share with you even if this isn’t the way I’d imagined it would look. But that’s okay (or at least I’m coming to grips with the idea that it will be). So for any of you who have dealt or are going through this struggle, please keep in mind that life goes on and it will get better. Feel free to reach out, I’m always available to talk to anyone going through similar situations.

So if you would, please join me while I share my journey through this and how I’m dealing with changing my outlook, health routine, and styling.