10 Struggles of Pinterest Addicts


Hi. My name is Missy and I’m addicted to Pinterest. Like 100 million other users worldwide (47 million being from the U.S.), I have found the site captivating; often acting as an escape from the drone of the other popular social media outlets present on the internet.

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally quite sick of seeing mundane status updates including but not limited to political ramblings, “Dear so-and-so,” letters to random people who will never see them, and purposely vague status updates that scream “please ask me what this is about so I can get attention”.

So in an effort to escape all of this faux reality, I find myself gravitating toward something a little less over-stimulating. My life already is chuck-full of overstimulation from lessons, to the blog, to dealing with 150 teenagers, to studying, to planning a wedding–taking a break from linguistics offers me some much-needed peace of mind in a day filled with contant chaos.

When I’m not immediately changing into yoga pants and crawling into bed to watch True Blood reruns with a bag of popcorn post-work hours, you can find me browsing pictures either on one of two mediums: Instagram or Pinterest.

Coming from someone who orders adult coloring books (seriously– look into this), it may sound juvenile, but no matter what age you are you can’t deny how therapeutic it is to just chill and look at interesting and thought-provoking pictures without having any words to complicate things.

It’s not hard to see why Pinterest’s popularity grew over 860% over the course of its first six months; it’s undeniably addictive.

So when you get home, you’ve had a tough day and you just wanna pin for a while to decompress…I feel ya ladies…and at some point we’ve all done one of these when we see the following:

Why do they have to mess with our chi?!

  1. When basic Polyvore sets/outfits are constantly popping up on your feed. Like who doesn’t know how to pair a pair of tan Ugg boots with jeans and a sweater? I don’t need help picking out an outfit to get gas in, but thank you anyway.
  2. That person who pins the same thing over and over.
  3. Judgemental captions. Yes, we get that you may not wear “that belt with it” or maybe you’re thinking “God, I would never wear those shoes!” but do you really need to state this in the caption?
  4. When others tag friends on photos you’ve pinned to your boards with odd comments.
  5. Those “OMG I’m gunna love this site” pins that are basically just BS links to turnip truck websites pushing fake Nike & Michael Kors products for “$49.99”.
  6. When Pinterest “suggests” pins for you that are totally off base from your interests. No, I’m not interested in 20 ways to use breast milk. When have I ever pinned anything mom things?
  7. Rando Kardashian, etc. news updates & gossip from magazines that are pinning now. If I wanted to hear about Kylie’s latest underwear color, I’d probably look on Facebook–so stop buggin’ me on my favorite app!
  8. Pictures of cheap looking 5 inch “get it” heels with captions that include links tp bogus websites. [case in point]
  9. Creepy jewelry or tops/coats from weird Etsy shops that randomly pop up out of nowhere on your feed. I don’t remember following anyone who posts this stuff? [see here, umm what?]
  10. Shameless instagram account screenshots that people post with the caption “follow me!” Not what this is for.

I miss the days when I could choose who I follow and all of their pins would seamlessly filter into my feed just how I curated it before all of these random posts and “suggestions”. *Sigh* I still love you Pinterest. But, maybe we’ve passed the honeymoon phase.

Did I leave any out? What bugs you guys?


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